This describes mlm leads generation and mlm lead capture pages. Learn my top 3 tips to creating high converting mlm lead capture pages.

As an mlm leads vendor that sells bizop web traffic, you can imagine that I’m in a position to see a lot of different lead capture pages on a daily basis. Some are better than others. Some pull in high conversion rates of 50-80%.. others don’t pull in any mlm leads at all. So in today’s marketing tip, I’m going to tell you the top 3 ways to improve optin rates from your lead capture page.

But first, let me first remind you the purpose of the lead capture page. The purpose is to.. capture a lead!

Duh.. I realize that’s pretty obvious, but you would be surprised about some pages that I’ve seen.

Okay, onto the top 3 ways to improve lead capture optin rates:

1) Don’t give too much information.

I’ve seen a number of mlm lead capture pages that give the entire business presentation right there on the lead capture page. Because all the beans were spilled on the capture page, there really isn’t much more to learn. Hence, there’s no compelling reason to optin since most if not all the information was already presented.

I’ve seen a number of company-supplied capture pages configured like this. They tell their whole store and put their company branding all over the capture page. They seem more interested in branding themselves, rather than helping their distributor capture a lead.

2) Keep it to one screen.

Try to limit the vertical height of your lead capture page so that the prospect doesn’t have to scroll down to see the page in its entirety. If you do have to scroll down, just make sure your webform is high enough on the page so that it can be viewed without having to scroll down.

Often times distributors feel like they should post a lot of ad copy to the page. A lot of ad copy can actually work against you. The prospect may visit the page and figure that they don’t have time to read the whole page, so they simply move on without opting in.

Use headlines and sub-headlines to make your point without adding a lot of extra ad copy that lengthens the page.

3) Go without video.

I did some testing of my own and found that posting video to the lead capture page had little affect on my optin rates. My lead capture page produced an optin rate that was the same whether it had video or no video on the page.

Video can sometimes be a deterrent to optins, just like long ad copy. If the prospect doesn’t have time to read the page or view the video, they may navigate away without opting in. Also, if the prospect is at work, they may not want video playing out loud while they’re looking at your capture page. You know how some bosses can be! 🙂

If you are going to use video on the page, make sure it’s short and powerful. By short, keep it under a minute. By powerful, it should carry a strong, compelling message that makes people want to opt into your capture page to learn more.

Once you have a strong capture page that can generate leads, you’re now ready for top quality bizop web traffic.

High quality business opportunity web traffic to a lead capture page is much like pouring fuel on a fire. The more traffic you direct to your lead capture page, the more targeted leads you generate for your business.. the more mlm leads you generate, the more new network marketing distributors that join your business.

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To your success,

Enrique Garibay