This article describes mlm lead generation, mlm lead lists and mlm leads voice broadcasting with Ibuzzpro. This also describes an update on the FTC ruling.

A few weeks ago I wrote an article entitled “MLM Lead Generation: Annoying Ibuzzpro Made Obsolete.” In that article I described an FTC ruling that would make voice broadcasting illegal beginning September 1, 2009.

Last week a reader named Jeff Hoffman commented on our blog saying that the change may not yield the results we’re expecting. He wrote:

“There is, unfortunately, a major error in this article.

“Yes, the FTC ruling coming down the pipe will change the game for voice broadcasting…

“But, you and I will not get any less calls after September than we did before. We get those calls not because we were on a business opportunity seekers list, but because our phone number was data-mined from a replicated MLM website.

“There is a loop-hole in the FTC regulations for B2B, or ‘Business to Business’ calls. The moment you list your number on a replicated ML’M site, you’ve classified it as a business number. It no longer matters if that number is on the DNC list, you can still be called, and you can’t do anything (legally) about it.

“The answer is to not put your home phone number on ANY business-related sites. Instead, get a free number from

“Hope this helps!”

Yes Jeff it does help. Thanks for sharing this information with us and our readers.

Well maybe it’s time to do as Jeff suggests – post a number on your website that can be screened and blocked. Sounds like Google Voice may be able to be used in that manner.

As I’m not familiar with Google Voice, I’ll do some testing with it this week to see how it works for me. I’ll pass that information onto you.

If you’re using Google Voice now, write me and tell me how it’s working for you.

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This article described mlm lead generation, mlm lead lists and mlm leads voice broadcasting with Ibuzzpro. This also described an update on the FTC ruling regarding voice broadcasting or robocalls.

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