This article describes mlm lead generation, mlm lead lists and mlm leads voice broadcasting with Ibuzzpro becoming obsolete with FTC ruling.  Thank goodness!

Over the past year or so, the general buzz around MLM lead generation is to have prospects chase you down to learn about your business.  And towards that pursuit a number of network marketers have turned to voice broadcasting services like Ibuzzpro to “get the word out”.

The Ibuzzpro website touts.. “Use this simple technology to get prospects lined up to pay you money.”  It also states “Get 1 million people a week to automatically recruit from.  You’ll discover the easiest way to find those who truly want to be recruited all automatically.”

Really what they should say is..

“Use this simple technology to annoy the heck out of people over and over again whether they like the annoyance or not.”

I don’t know about you but I receive no less than 5 CALLS A DAY from these networkers.  Each promises to generate free mlm leads for me and my (Monavie, Tahitian Noni, Max, DrinkACT… you fill in the blank) business opportunity.

Come on, do I really look like an ideal prospect that needs free leads?

These networkers and their hard earned cash are being taken for a ride.

Each time I get one of these calls, I hit the 9 key on my phone.  Typically that – or sometimes the 8 key – unsubscribes me from future calls.  Of course that doesn’t seem to matter as I get more later the same day, every day.  Though I’m no lawyer, it would seem the blatant disregard of user removal requests… well that’s just a lawsuit waiting to happen.

Well fortunately for you and I, annoying services like ibuzzpro will become obsolete later this year.  We can thank the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) for finally cracking down on mlm lead generation voice broadcasting services.

Effective September 1, 2009, voice broadcasting will no longer be permissible the way it is being used in advertising and marketing now.  The added measures from the FTC go beyond not allowing calls to people on the Do Not Call (DNC) list.  The new measures will make voice broadcasting more like email in that you have to agree to allow them to call you with prerecorded voice messages.

3 months ago I talked to the #1 distributor at ibuzzpro.  I mentioned the FTC ruling.  This distributor was well aware of the change and said he was no longer promoting ibuzzpro opportunity nor the advertising method due to the liability it presents.

As much as people hate getting spam email, I think voice broadcasting annoys people even more.

About a year ago, I did a voice broadcast to my customer list at  I had so many complaints after the first 75 dials that I quit the voice broadcast campaign all together.  I was spending too much time apologizing to people after making them mad.  And these were people I already had a good relationship with.  Can you imagine how mad they would have been if they didn’t know me!

Network marketers beware!  Voice broadcasting will get you into trouble.  It annoys people.  And it’s not duplicatable.

What is duplicatable?

Talking to live people and building relationships with them.

Interview your prospects.  Build a real-world relationship with them.  You’ll be surprised how far a relationship will take your business.

With each leads order at, we provide you with real nuts and bolts training of how to interview prospects.

And the best part about interviewing prospects for your mlm business is that there is no selling or telling.  When done right, you simply interview people to see who qualifies for your time.  And since you’re the one conducting the interview, there is no fear of rejection.

Click here to pick up a mlm leads list today and try it for yourself.  You’ll be surprised how much money you can make in your business when you build relationships with people!

This article describe mlm lead generation, mlm lead lists and voice broadcasting with Ibuzzpro becoming obsolete with FTC ruling.  Thank goodness!

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