My247Check Lead Capture Page System

Are you building a Valentus business?

Now is your chance to create your own exclusive Valentus leads when you use the My247Check Lead Capture Page System.

The My247Check Lead Capture Page System is designed to help you grow your Valentus business. It consists of:

* Lead Capture Page
* Valentus Business Presentation Page
* Valentus Sample Request Page
* Valentus Sample Request Thank You Page
* Autoresponder with pre-written drip email messages

Take a look at the page layouts below:

Lead Capture Page

Sales Video

Sample Request

Thank You

Here's how it works:

1. You direct advertising towards your Lead Capture Page. Interested people enter their email address in the page webform to learn more. That generates a lead that is yours exclusively.

2. Those that opt-in are redirected to your Sales Video Page to view your business presentation.

3. The presentation prompts the prospect to request a free Valentus sample.

4. Interested prospects complete the Valentus Sample Request page.

5. The sample request provides you their name, phone and email address. That's a targeted lead for your Valentus business!

6. You connect with prospects to see if they're a match for you or not.

The best part about the My247Check Lead Capture Page System is that it does all the sifting and sorting.. all the selling and telling for you. So when you do get around to talking to prospects, they've already been exposed to the Valentus business presentation. That's makes for an easy follow-up call.

All pages are mobile optimized and ready for your marketing.

**Note: Select Your Username** When ordering the service, you will create an account username and password here. That username will be used as the subdomain in your lead capture page URL. So for example let's say your account username is "bob", then your lead capture and presentation pages are then hosted at the URL So create your account username accordingly when ordering the service. It cannot be changed later.

The My247Check Lead Capture Page System.. It's Proven. Easy to Use. And 100% Duplicatable! Order yours now!

All accounts are on a monthly recurring order. You may manage your recurring order by logging into your Member's account, then navigate to "Autoship". All accounts are hosted at Once you've created your order, use the same login credentials at as used at

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