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free mlm leads training audios

Finally, your chance to listen-in over the shoulder of top MLM Pros as they call their mlm leads!

[INSTANT DOWNLOAD] If you've ever been nervous about what to say to prospects over the phone... If you've ever had great follow-up calls but never seem to close, then this mlm prospecting audio training series is for you. Listen-in as MLM Pro Mike Boggs and other pros call their mlm leads.

Mike Boggs and I have dialed leads live over the years. Together, we've successfully prospected thousands and thousands of mlm leads while customers listened-in and learned. Now it's your turn to get a front row seat. Listen-in on these recorded prospecting calls as we handle every objection that prospects throw our way.

In this purchase you'll receive nearly 8 hours of real "nuts and bolts" prospecting training; not some "pie in the sky" audio series that tells you what you ought to say or do.

In this 8 hour mlm leads audio training, you'll discover...

* How to develop a business posture that attracts
* How to "interview" prospects instead of selling
* How to get past the call's first 10 seconds when others fail
* How to create instant rapport with your prospect
* How to handle any objection (we've heard them all)
* How to maintain control of the interview at all times
* How to quickly and easily sort "prospects" from "suspects"
* How to find your prospect's "why" for starting a business
* How to takes notes that you can use later to close your prospects
* How to use sales aids to do the selling and telling so you don't have to
* How to schedule follow-up calls to ensure that prospects show up
* How to use your upline to close prospects on follow-up calls
* How to track your progress for continued improvement
* How to train your group while you prospect...

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