We have high standards for advertisement on our MLMLeads ad platforms. For the most part, if you stick to these advertising principles, you won’t have to worry about the finer print below.

•    Get permission. Be sure you have permission to use your ad content.
•    Promote content that make you proud. We have high standards for our marketing community and want your ads to be some of the best stuff people see on MLMLeads.
•    Don’t promote spam or other bad stuff. Make people feel safe on MLMLeads.
•    Follow our policies and honor the spirit of the rules. If it seems close to the line, don’t do it.
•    Obey all laws and regulations. We want people to follow our rules, so we follow theirs.


You’re responsible for making sure your ads comply with all applicable law, regulations and industry codes, and for following our Acceptable Use Policy, our Terms of Service and these rules.

1. Ad content

Your ads may not contain:
•    Anything that violates our Acceptable Use Policy
•    False product or service claims
•    Improper grammar or cursing
•    Fraudulent or deceptive claims or content
•    Nudity or sexually suggestive content
•    Harassment
•    Hate speech

Your ads may not promote:
•    Adult products and services
•    Alcohol or drugs
•    Imitation or counterfeit goods
•    Drugs and tobacco
•    Products from endangered or threatened species
•    False documents
•    Online gambling and lotteries, or games of skill
•    Any illegal activity
•    Malware and hacking
•    Deceptive subscription services
•    Unacceptable business models
•    Weapons and explosives

2. Ad relevance

Be straightforward about your product or Service.
•    Your ads should accurately reflect your business, brand or the offered product or service
•    Make sure you target the right audience

3. Destination site

When linking to a remote landing page, that page:
•    Must comply with our Acceptable Use Policy and these ad rules
•    Should contain content relevant to the ad

4. Other

•    Respect our community’s data and privacy
•    Respect the rights of others

We reserve the right to reject, approve or remove any ad for any reason, including ads that negatively affect our relationship with our users or that promote content that goes against our interests. Ads, or categories of ads, that get lots of negative feedback may also be removed. These rules are subject to change at any time.