Why should you use Real-Time Local MLM Leads to build your network marketing business, is a question we hear daily.

So today, I want to give you some facts that will help you understand why Local MLM Leads could be the missing ingredient you have been looking for to double your mlm downline and triple your network marketing income in the next 60-days.

Now, some of you may be thinking “These guys are just trying to sell me leads.” Heck, I might even think that myself, if were in your shoes.

But… Let’s look at the facts.

The Direct Selling Association has just released the following graphs:

DSA NUmbers
Now take a second and let the number sink in.77.1% of all sales are done “face-to-face”, which proves that Local MLM Leads are truly the best type of MLM Lead available today if you want to grow your business.But, let’s look at one other graph real quick:DSA Numbers 2WOW! 87.9% of MLM Distributors are females – now what does that tell us?Maybe we had better focus on Local Female MLM Leads!

Study these numbers and make sure your MLM Business model is built to take advantage of this power trend.

So let’s ask the question one last time – Why use local MLM leads to build your network marketing business? Because they work!

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Never Give UP,

Troy Dooly