Well grab a cup of coffee and sit back and take a few seconds to read why I think MLMLeads.com is the #1 MLM Lead generation company serving the average MLM distributor today.

One of the biggest hurdles facing MLM distributors today is a lack of prequalified prospects in which to market their business opportunity. MLM has always been about building strong personal relationships, and as those relationships grow so does your business. If you are like I was when I first got started, you are hesitant to talk to your friends, family and business associates in fear you will say the wrong thing and make a fool of yourself. So to counter balance this weakness, we learn to rely far to heavily on technology, sending our emails, buying pay-per-click and bidding on key words. Lately some of us have started relying on Web 2.0 marketing using streaming media, social networking and of course blogs like this one. And although streaming videos and audios does far out way just the written word, it still doesn’t replace talking to a live person and cultivating new relationships.

When I first started looking at MLMLeads.com one of the first things that stood out was the fact Enrique had his picture front and center. It seemed every time I would read something he wrote, I was looking up and seeing his face. Then I clicked on one of the many training audios he has on the site and after listening to his voice, each time I read a new word, I could hear his voice. This type of macro-marketing (the integration and coordination of the essential components needed to build a MLM business into a highly leverage, automated, seamless solution) really connected with me. I felt like I knew Enrique even before I talked with him. I have met and call most of the major players in MLM lead generation a friend or at least a business acquaintance. In several cases I call them past students, because they cut their teeth in lead generation, learning from my team and I while they were members of ProSTEP.

However, after reviewing these other companies, I was left frustrated because none of them seemed to provide what I felt was a necessity for the average network marketing distributor – A Turnkey System that included the prequalified prospects, but also included ongoing training, cutting-edge technology that would allow the average networker to double their income and triple their downline in 90-days or less.

And most of all a live person who was willing to put their reputation on the line; someone who was willing to share the hard cold facts, and not hype or sugar coat the harsh reality that 95% of the leads you talk to will not care about you, your company or your product. I wanted a person who would explain that your mission as the MLM distributor is to identify and capitalize on the 5% who are interested, and invest your finite time with these prequalified prospects. Well I found exactly what I was looking for when I talked to Enrique.

Now don’t get me wrong, I did not make this decision overnight. As matter of fact I had known of Enrique while I was still the Exec. V.P. of ProSTEP. He was a friendly competitor, who had a great reputation of being a man of the utmost integrity. After we started talking and building our business relationship, a personal friendship started to form. Then in 2006 Enrique and his family came to the Emerald Coast of Florida for vacation and our families just hit it off. Since then our friendship has grown both on a personal and business level. We later decided to partner up in business and the rest is history.

So if you are visiting our blog for the first time, or maybe you are a friend of mine, or Enrique’s who is just checking in to see how things are going. Or maybe you are like we were a few years ago. You are just getting started in network marketing and after reading everything available on the internet today, you are more confused than ever.

You don’t know if you should buy email leads, local leads, real-time internet leads, local leads, or phone verified or surveyed leads. Crying-out-loud you may still be confused what the difference is between phone surveyed leads and phone verified leads. You may be wondering “do I use funded proposals, real-time prospecting systems, lead capture pages, or some online power-line system. You may even be wondering do I even want to do this
MLM thing?

Well, I can tell you this. If you will take time to take two specific actions, I can guarantee you, that before 2008 rolls in, you will have a definite answer on if the network marketing profession is for you.

1. Go to DeskPing.com, our complete turnkey Web 2.0 marketing and training system, and sign-up for your $3.97 Test Drive account.
2. Go to MLMLeads.com, scroll down to Enrique’s phone number and give him a call. He will listen as you share how you are building your business and give you advice on which leads you should be using and how to use them.

These two actions will change your business life forever, if you will take action today.

Never Give Up,

Troy Dooly