“What’s in it for me?”

Once we direct click traffic to your lead capture page, you have just a few seconds to answer that question for your prospect. How well you answer that question determines whether or not your lead capture page will generate leads for you.

So, what sort of answer should you have at your lead capture page?

Here’s a few samples of the sort of language that talks to prospects:

How to.. get paid to look good and feel great!

How to.. get paid to lose weight eating cookies.

How to.. get a $500 pay raise without asking your boss.

How to.. get an extra paycheck each month.

If you look at the headlines and sub-headlines above, they answer the “what’s in it for me” question for the prospect. And they create curiosity for the prospect to want to learn more.

Headlines can also be used to target an audience. Notice the headline “get paid to lose weight eating cookies” is targeting people that would have an interest in losing weight and making extra income from home.

Keep in mind that prospects only care about themselves. They don’t care about you or me, or about our companies. So keep the focus on them at all times and what your offer can do for them. When do you do this, you’ll generate more leads at your lead capture page.

If ever you’re lacking for good headlines, try ours. We assembled over 800+ headlines from over 21 years of marketing in a report we call The Ultimate Headline Swipe File. Use the headlines on your lead capture pages, or as email subject lines that get your emails opened and read. You’ll find the Headline Swipe File here.

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