I need your opinion about something – mobile apps.

Over the past couple of years I’ve been leading a double life.  I’ve been providing mlm leads and mlm leads training to direct sales organizations.  And I’ve also been providing local SEO marketing services to brick and mortar businesses.  As such, I’ve been creating mobile websites and mobile apps for those businesses.

Over time it’s become apparent to me that some businesses have a need for mobile apps, while others don’t.

The same holds true for direct selling, mlm or network marketing businesses. Mobile apps may or may not have a purpose for you and your business. So that’s why I’m writing you today to ask your opinion..

QUESTION:  If you had one or more mobile apps available for your MLM or network marketing business, what would the mobile apps do for you and your business?

I would love for you to share your opinion with us.  It only takes a minute.  And just for taking the time to respond, I’ll provide you “search engine love” by providing you a backlink from our website to yours.  That’s my way of saying “thanks”.

Scroll to the bottom of this page now and use the Comment box to tell us what you think.

Some may be reading this and asking themselves.. “What is a mobile app?

You can think of a mobile app as a computer program that resides on your smartphone.  It performs a specific function, much like a webpage or website does in a computer browser.  (Of course there are mobile app games, but that’s not what I’m talking about here.) But the real beauty of the mobile app is that you can perform the operation anytime, anywhere on your smartphone without the computer.

Mobile apps are the future of marketing.  However mobile apps may or may not have a place with your particular business needs.

Here are examples of what a smartphone mobile app might do for your business..

* View reports on your sales organization
* Provide business presentation overviews
* Allow you to signup distributors using your phone
* Create/Access team or company-specific training
* Create/Access professional industry-specific trainers
* Create/Access team or company-specific calendars
* Lead generation
* Contact management
* Industry news i.e. Troy Dooly reports
* Connecting your business with social media sites
* Create/Access team communication
* Social hangout for direct sellers
* Motivation
* Autodialer

Think of it this way.. virtually anything you could accomplish with a website, you could put into a mobile smartphone application.

So what sort of mobile app would you want for your business?

Would the mobile app require updating on a continual basis, or not?

Please use the comment form below to give us your opinion.

Thanks for sharing your opinion.