Learn what to say to mlm leads that you generate when they opt into your mlm lead capture page. Knowing what to say will help you make you more money in your network marketing business.

I had a call from my client “Patricia” the other morning saying that she read our recent mlm lead article that described what mlm lead prospects want to know, and what you should tell them when sending prospecting follow-up email messages. Patricia said that she found the information of particular interest since she too was using the popular mlm web traffic service MyAutoPilot Traffic to drive traffic to her mlm lead capture page.

Now that Patricia is generating mlm leads at her mlm lead capture page, she wants to know what she should do with these network marketing lead prospects. Should she call her mlm leads? If so, what should she say to them when she does?

My answer to Patricia is that “yes” you should always call your mlm lead prospects after they opt into your lead capture page. Let them know that you’re a real person behind the emails that they’ll soon be receiving. Let them know that you’ll be a valuable resource to them as you’ve been building a business from home yourself for some time now.

Once prospects get the sense that you’re a resource for them and that you’re there to help them, use that “in” to begin your prospecting interview.

When you interview an mlm lead prospect, you’re taking great interest in them. The whole conversation is about them; what they want out of life and why they want it.

As you interview your prospect, you might hit on mlm lead prospecting questions like..

  • how long have you been looking for a way to make money from home?
  • why are you looking to make money from home?
  • what happened in your life that prompted you to start looking?
  • ideally what are you looking for?
  • why is that appealing to you?
  • have you tried some money-making things in the past? If so, how did they work for you?
  • did you have anyone to teach, coach and mentor you in your home business?
  • if money wasn’t an option, what would you be doing right now?
  • if you found a business from home that made a lot of sense to you, would time or money to start your business be an issue for you?
  • if they would be an issue for you, why?
  • would you be working the business by yourself? Or would your significant other be working with you.
  • ideally how much additional income are you wanting to bring home each month?
  • why that amount of money?
  • what would that much money do for you? For your family?

As you’re interviewing your mlm lead prospect, notice that all the focus and attention is on the mlm leads prospect; their wants and needs.

Always put the focus on your prospect. Listen closely to their answers. If they’re able to go into great detail in their answers, then it’s likely that they are serious about finding a home business and have given it considerable thought. Whereas the person that gives brief and vague answers may be a network marketing lead that is just kicking the tires trying to find out what their options are.

In summary, always interview your mlm leads and network marketing leads after they opt into your mlm lead capture page. Ask them what they’re looking for and why they’re looking. In doing so, the prospect will tell you what they’re looking for and why. Then you can use that information later to help them close themselves into your network marketing business.

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