This describes mlm business building and what positive mlm distributors don’t do when building their network marketing business from home.

1. They Don’t Let Reality Kill Their Dreams.
Positive people don’t let the “reality” of life around them hold their dreams back. They know that anything is possible with determination coupled with consistent work towards their end goals.

2. They Don’t Let Negative Thoughts Take Control.
Positive people avoid self-defeating negative thoughts.  They constantly listen to their self talk and try to replace any negative thoughts with positive ones.

3. They Don’t Agonize Every Little Mistake.
Positive people don’t fret every little mistake. They understand that mistakes are part of the learning process that help them achieve even greater success.

4. They Don’t Expect Something for Nothing.
Positive people don’t fall for the shortcuts in life. They know that anything worth having requires time and hard work. They understand that achieving their goals will take time but they know that their efforts will be worthwhile.

5. They Don’t Take it for Granted.
Positive people make a habit of giving thanks for all their blessings, no matter how big or small.

6. They Don’t Assume the Worst.
Positive people give others the benefit of the doubt instead of assuming the worst. They don’t tend to freak out when a phone call, email or text message goes unanswered. They simply keep on with their own business and assume that the other person is very busy.

7. They Don’t Get Bored.
Positive people don’t let themselves get bored. They enthusiastically explore the world around them for they know that boredom will ultimately kill their creativity, productivity and dreams.

8. They Don’t Hang Out with Negative People.
Positive people hang out with like positive people; not negative people. Positive people know that negative, toxic people will hold them back from what they’re trying to accomplish.

9. They Don’t Pass the Buck.
Positive people realize they’re the CEO of their lives and that they control the outcome. They don’t play the victim of situations or place the blame elsewhere. They take full responsibility of whatever happens; no excuses.

10. They Don’t Wait for the Perfect Time.
Positive people know that there’s no perfect time to do anything in life. They know that there is always a reason or excuse why the timing isn’t right. Knowing this, they know the best time for anything is “here and now”.

This described mlm business building and what positive mlm distributors don’t do to build their network marketing business from home.