I was talking to Paul Kroto the other day. Paul is a NWM veteran that has been in the industry for at least as long as I have. He’s built some very large groups over the years in a number of companies.

One thing that Paul focuses on is building “people”. He figures if he can help new distributors develop their mindset and skill set, then he will help them become leaders. As leaders, they help other people become leaders too.

As we chatted the other day, Paul happened to outline for me what he saw at the 3 main pitfalls that that hold new distributors back when starting their business.

So what are these 3 pitfalls? And how do you avoid them?

Paul listed them as..

1) New distributors don’t make their list. Though their first task is to make a list of people in their warm market that they want to talk to, most new distributors fail to actually create this list.

2) When they have a list, they don’t contact them. Many don’t do anything with the list once they’ve created it. They never contact the list of people.

3) Many are not clear on what to present. The new distributor has a number of choices on what to use for their presentation. Sometimes there are so many choices that they don’t know what to use.

Paul says that if you can get a new distributor past these 3 pitfalls, then they’ll likely continue to work their business. However, if they don’t get past these pitfalls, then they’re likely quit the business.

So how do you help distributors get beyond these 3 pitfalls?

I asked Paul this. His answer surprised me when he said..

The answer is right there in your hand!

He was talking about my phone.

My smartphone.

You don’t know this but I’ve been collaborating with Paul over the last year on a secret project of mine. I’ve been working on something that will help distributors in their prospecting, presenting, marketing, training and team communication. It’s a mobile app. Paul says this is perfect for helping distributors stay clear of these 3 pitfalls.

He says that..

1) Their warm contact list is already built. All the new distributor has to do is open their mobile app and access their warm market list. Most have 100-300 contacts on their smartphone now.

2) Click a few buttons to begin prospecting. The new distributor can click a few buttons in the app and begin sending pre-written text messages or email messages to prospects in their contact list to begin prospecting.

3) The app is the presentation. And a lot more. The pre-written messages instruct prospects to download and open the distributor’s personalized mobile app. When they do, they see the business presentation that their team leader created for them. So now, every distributor knows exactly what to present when prospecting.

And the best part is that when prospects join your business, they can get their own personalized app that looks and works just like yours. They can use it for prospecting, as well as for marketing, team training and communication.

Paul says he’s never seen anything like this in the last 20 years of business.

I hope you say the same when you see it.

Stay tuned!

To your success,

Enrique Garibay