One of the challenges that we face here at MLM Leads each and everyday is the misconception that “ is just another MLM Lead Generation Company.” And most MLM Lead companies do look alike. Their #1 focus is on turning a profit, so they will churn every lead type they have. If you buy real-time local leads this month, next month they sell them as email autoresponder leads. And their phone verified leads, become aged form-filled leads 60 to 90 days old.

Here at MLM Leads our #1 purpose is very simple – To Help You Reach Yours!

Don’t get me wrong, we are all about making a profit. However that comes second to maintaining an our integrity and reputation.

Unlike some Network Marketing Lead Companies we are not here to sell books, tapes, or get you to pay for our next super training seminar. And we are not here to cross-sponsor your MLM downline, into our next greatest MLM program.

From the very first day Enrique opened the doors on he had one focus – to generate the best quality leads in the business, and to provide the best sales and marketing training methods, so MLM Leads clients could sift and sort those leads into productive team members, or at the very least they become a new customer. was formed and is run by marketers for marketers. We have unparalleled track records when it comes to records of success – both in the field, building successful marketing teams, and in executive capacities, running large companies prior to launching

We are here at because we want to give something back to the mlm profession that has made us into the leaders we have become. We are here to provide more that just email leads, local leads, female only leads and a few prospecting and closing scripts. We are here to mentor, train and support each networker who decides to become a client of

Our whole team from top to bottom is made up of men and women who have dedicated most or all of their adult lives to the MLM profession. We are here to make sure the playing field is leveled so you, our client have every opportunity to reach your dreams.

And although we can provide the best turnkey marketing platform found anywhere, there is one thing we can’t bring to the table: The Heart Of A Champion with a NEVER GIVE UP AttitudeYou MUST bring that to the table!

So now when you hear someone say “ is just another MLM Lead Generation Company” you can set the record straight.

So take the next few days off and enjoy your family this Christmas Season. But come Jan 2nd 2008, you had better be rolling out of bed, ready to take your business to a whole new level.

So to jump start your 2008 charge, call Enrique right now and schedule the next delivery of your real-time local leads. Or if you are one of the teams who are buying 10K email leads in a shot for your online prospecting systems, then login to your site and place your order.

Listen if you are building your business via an autoresponder or online prospecting system, then you need to order your leads by Friday night. This way come Monday morning you can load them in your systems and start dripping messages between Christmas and the New Year. This si the time when people start to realize they have to pay those credit card bills off in January or pay huge interest rates. They start looking around the net for a part-time home-based business.

As a matter of fact I personally want to motivate you to continue workign your business through the Holiday, so here is what I will do.

If you are reading this post between now and Decmber 31st 2007, then I want you to call Enrique on the phone and tell him “Troy said I could get a 10% discount off your next order of 10,000 autoresponder leads.

Wait that is not fair to the rest of you who call prospects on the phone. So just tell him I said you can get 10% off your next order of $50.00 or higher.

So remember, our #1 priority is to do everything in our power to help you reach your dreams and goals by providing the best marketing and training tools found anywhere in the network marketing profession.

Never Give Up,

Troy Dooly

P.S. If you have not listened to Todd Falcone’s interview with Enrique do it now. Todd is the #1 closer of MLM Leads in the history of Network Marketing. As a matter of fact you can check out his Prospect Mastery Training by clicking here.