This describes mlm lead call services, network marketing lead call center services.  We call mlm leads for you using your phone script; FAQs Part 2.

Here are some more answers to questions we received about our mlm lead call center services.  (This is the mlm leads call center service that calls your mlm leads for you):


* Which mlm lead or network marketing lead will provide the best return on investment in the call center?
Or you can purchase a list from us.  The National Leads work well for Call Center Dialing.

* Can I send you an MLM genealogy lead list to dial for me?
Yes, we’ll call your MLM genealogy lead list for you just the same.

* I want to energize my downline. Can you call my downline for me?
Yes we can even call your downline organization for you.

* How many leads will be produced from my list?
The number and quality of responses will depend on your phone script.  Not everyone will have an interest in your business.  That’s what’s great about this service.  We sort thru the people and find those that do have an interest.  That way you prospect “rejection-free”.


* How long will it take to dial thru my mlm leads list?
A 200 lead list will typically require the following time:

200 MLM Leads | 1 Runs thru List | 10 HRS Dial Time
200 MLM Leads | 5 Runs thru List | 22 HRS Dial Time

Click here to see recommended mlm lead call center dial times.

* When do you dial my network marketing leads list?
We dial the list only once per day, Monday thru Thursday, typically in the evening hours.  So a 200 list dialed 5 times would be completed in 5 dial days accordingly.

* How many mlm leads do people typically generate in the mlm lead call center?
Every prospecting script is different; some are more stringent than others. There’s no way to tell how well yours will perform.

* Do I get a better return on my investment if you dial the list 5 times?

* How can I tell whether my mlm leads or network marketing leads have been dialed?
We send you the complete leads file when your campaign is complete.  You can see each lead that was dialed and when, along with notes.

* What happens when the prospect says “Yes” they’re interested?
We post that lead to you real-time via email.  We also post it into your user account.  We recommend that you contact the prospect directly thereafter.

* Do you use an auto-dialer to make the mlm call center dials?
People think that auto-dialers are a big time saver.  They’re really not since the actual time dialing the lead is very small.  More time is used in waiting for someone to answer or hearing a voicemail message.


* Should I contact my mlm leads after you phoned them for me?
Yes we always recommend that you follow-up with the qualified network marketing leads as soon as you’re able.  The fortune is in the follow-up.

* How do I get started?
Click here to order your MLM Lead Call Center Prospecting Service.

Click here to order your mlm leads.  Or send us your leads list.

This described mlm lead call services, network marketing lead call center services.  We will call mlm leads and network marketing leads for you using your phone script and our mlm lead call center. provides mlm leads, network marketing leads and an mlm leads call center service for your mlm lead prospecting.

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