It doesn’t matter if you call yourself an internet marketer, affiliate marketer, network marketer or some other term for marker, we all have one thing in common and that is the same 24 hours in a day. And as marketers, we need to do all we can maximize our actions while compressing our time frames. To do this we MUST learn to communicate in the most effective method, with as many qualified prospects as we can. The bottom line is if we do that consistently, we’ll increase our monthly business volume and sponsor massive business partners.

We have all heard the philosophy which is: Professionals Sort, Amateurs Beg. So what helps in this process? Automation. That is a system that answers the question of what’s in it for me? Which is why those professional marketers who apply Enrique’s training here at MLM Leads, consistently convert more leads into active team members and satisfied end users, than most other markers just buying leads and calling them. Enrique has a tried and true turn-key method of sifting and sorting through data. He is a firm believer in Sorting and never Begging anyone to join out organization.

Sadly, even with the free training that he provides at MLMLeads, there are still a few marketers who fail to utilize what he teaches, and guess what? That fail over and over again. Just like with their last lead company, they blame the leads instead of looking in the mirror and realizing the common denominator is the person they are staring at!

I fully understand there are many components to achieving long term success in network marketing and one of these components is constant communication with your prospects. Until the last 12 months the main form of communication has been email. Well at least for the last 10 years. But this year we have seen a shift from email to a more direct permission based form of communication – direct-to-desktop marketing. To learn more about this new high tech – high touch form of constant communication by visiting

Here are my two tips for converting prospects into productive business partners.

Tip #1- Brand Yourself As The Expert In the Eyes Of Your Prospects. The best method of doing this is using a permission-based direct-to-desktop marketing campaign. The ONLY Company offering a simply turn-key system, which guarantees 100% deliverability, is DeskPing. Take time right now and go sign up for a 30-day trail for only $3.97. You will be amazed at what we offer at DeskPing.

Tip #2- Quality Prospects are the lifeblood on your business. Most network marketers today are doing one of three things – Buying the wrong data and failing (no training or the wrong training.) Using someone else’s internet based funded proposals and failing (this is a great way for the owner of the funded proposal to build their database without paying for leads.) OR they are working in their local market calling on friends and family and feeling some success, but they have never been taught how to ask for referrals, so their warm market is drying up.

If any of these sounds like you, then call Enrique on the phone today and share with him how you are growing your business. He’ll tell you the best leads to use, and exactly how to get rolling. You’ll also have access to his massive audio training library in the back office of MLMLeads, not to mention the massive training we provide at DeskPing and on our blogs.

Never Give Up,

Troy Dooly