This mlm lead generation article describes the top mlm companies in the world by category.  Read what top mlm companies are #1 listed by country and mlm product types.

In our last blog article, we told you how much is sold around the world using MLM.  Today we’re going to tell you which mlm companies in the world are selling and growing the most of all the top mlm companies.

Recently the Direct Selling News has reported the top mlm companies or direct sales companies in the world for the year 2011.  Here is a list of the top mlm companies based on regions of the world, those that are publicly traded, those mlm companies that are party plan, those that have shown the top dollar growth and top growth percentage.  A list of top mlm companies in the world is also shown based on the product category as well.

The top mlm companies in the world are as follows:

Top Europe/Africa Companies
1. Vorwerk – Germany
2. Oriflame – Luxembourg
3. Telecom Plus – UK
4. WIV Wein International – Germany
5. LR Health & Beauty – Germany

Top Latin American Companies
1. Natura – Brazil
2. Belcorp – Peru
3. Yanval International – Peru

Top North American Companies
1. Avon
2. Amway
3. Herbalife
4. Mary Kay
5. Tupperware

Top Asia/Pacific Companies
1. Amorepacific – South Korea
2. New Era – Japan
3. Menard Japan Cosmetics – Japan
4. Cosway – Malaysia
5. DXN Holdings Berhad – Malaysia

Top Dollar Growth Companies
1. Amway
2. Herbalife
3. Avon
4. Mary Kay
5. Tupperware, Belcorp

Top MLM Companies by Growth Percentage
1. ViSalus – 579%
2. Thirty-One Gifts – 382%
3. Viridian Energy – 300%
4. Organo Gold – 200%
5. LifeVantage – 200%
6. Ambit Energy – 60%

Top MLM Party Plan Companies
1. Mary Kay
2. Tupperware
3. Belcorp
4. The Pampered Chef
5. PartyLite

Top Public MLM Companies
1. Avon
2. Herbalife
3. Natura
4. Tupperware
5. Oriflame

This mlm lead generation article described the top mlm companies in the world by category.  Is your mlm company in the list of top mlm companies in the world?  Tell us using the feedback form below.

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