Ten of the top 20 MLM companies in the world are listed in today’s mlm leads report. As you will read, there is big money being made in network marketing and multi-level marketing, mlm around the world.

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Today’s list of top MLM companies starts with a USA-based company:

#20 Scentsy. This Meridian, Idaho, USA-based company sells cosmetics, personal care, food and beverage, along with home decor and kitchenware.  Scentsy is an mlm company that sells via a party plan.  They sell in 5 markets worldwide and report net sales of $537 million for the year 2011.

#19 ACN, Inc. Headquartered in Concord, NC, USA, ACN sells telecommunications and energy in 23 markets worldwide.  Their services include residential and business customers offering home phone service, high speed internet, wireless, mobile applications along with television, home security and energy.  As a telecommunications mlm company, ACN reported $550 million in net sales for 2011.

#18 New Era Health Industry Group.
This China-based company sells cosmetics, healthcare and cleaning products in 14 markets worldwide.  They reported $555 million in net sales for 2011.

#17 USANA Health Sciences Inc. Headquartered in Salt Lake City, UT, USA, this publicly traded mlm company sells wellness products in 18 markets worldwide.  They report net sales of $582 million for 2011.

This South Korean company sells cosmetics, personal care wellness and beverage products in 3 markets worldwide.  They report $600 million in net sales for 2011.

#15 Ambit Energy, LP. This Dallas, TX, USA-based company sells energy to residents in select states of the USA.  Ranked in position #31 last year, this energy mlm company continues to grow with a reported $664 in net sales for 2011.

#14 Yanbal International. This Peru-based company sells skin care, personal care, cosmetics, jewelry and fragrances in 8 markets worldwide.  This Peru-based mlm reported $720 million in net sales for 2011.

#13 Telecom Plus.  This UK-based mlm company provides landline phones, broadband internet, mobile phones, gas, electricity and cashback cards.  This mlm company reported $731 million in net sales for 2011.

#12 Ignite Inc. As a second energy company headquartered in Dallas, TX, USA, Ignite provides electricity and natural gas to customers in select states around the country.  Ignite reported $861 million in net sales for the year 2011.

#11 Primerica Financial Services Inc. Headquartered in Duluth, GA, USA, Primerica provides financial products and services like life insurance, mutual funds, variable annuities and more.  Primerica is a publicly traded mlm company that reported $1.1 billion in net sales for the year 2011.

Today’s mlm leads article listed ten of the top 20 MLM companies in the world. As you read, big money is being made in mlm, network marketing and multi-level marketing around the world.

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