This describes free stock images for use on mlm websites and mlm lead capture pages.

Having good visual content is important in your online marketing. Rich media helps capture the prospect’s attention and decreases bounce rates on web pages.

The brain processes visual content quicker than text. It scans for shape, color then meaning. Readers can instantly connect with images on a page.

Some say that 90% of all the information entering the brain is non-verbal. Which is why you need amazing images in your content and lead capture pages.

In today’s newsletter, I’m sending you my top 5 free stock image websites. You can use these sites to capture images for your websites and lead capture pages.

1. Pixabay. The site boasts having over 500,000 free photos, vectors and art illustrations available for download. This is a site where the people uploading their images have waived all copyright and related rights to use the images and videos.

2. Pexels. This site has some really nice high quality images, but with a lower library size.

3. Resplashed. This contains a smaller library of beautiful HD images for your use. I found some really beautiful city scenes in the library.

4. Albumarium. Images are easy to find on this site. However pay close attention as some images are not copyright fr’ee.

5. Plixs. Here is another site with great photos and videos to choose from.

As you use these images and videos, be sure to read the provisions on each. Obviously they are not for resale. See the FAQs of each site for more information.

We recommend that you use landscape images that stretch across the entire page.

If you can’t find a free image to meet your needs, your next step is to check one of the paid stock image sites for one that matches your needs.

So there you have it.. that’s our top 5 free stock image websites. Now you have no excuse for having poor images on your sales pages or lead capture pages.

Thanks for reading.

To your success,