This describes mlm leads, mlm lead capture pages and the top 3 best mlm lead web traffic for mlm lead generation.

In today’s marketing tip, I’m going to cover my top 3 sources for driving traffic to your lead capture page.  I’ll also uncover the pro’s and con’s of each method. You can decide which methods are best for you.

#1 Social Media

Social media has become a popular method for many marketers.  Places like Facebook and YouTube are filled with posts that direct people to their lead capture page.

Pro’s for Social Media Marketing:

There are a lot of people on Facebook.  If you have a lot of friends on Facebook, you can get your message seen by many of them. Those that have an interest can click on your link and be directed to your lead capture page.

You can also automate your posts to sites like FB and Twitter.  It’s sort of like working with an email autoresponder in the sense that you can pre-write your posts and have them posted at a preset interval of time.

Con’s for Social Media Marketing:

Places like FB and Twitter have become filled with marketing messages.  It’s not enough that friends and family are promoting their deals, but FB is also selling ads and posting them into your wall as if these were companies you were following.

While posting links in social media sites can get people over to your capture page, you don’t really have control over when it may generate a lead.

And because your post moves down as others post to their wall, you continually have to post new content to create new links to your lead capture page.

#2 Ezine, Blog Article Marketing

Article writing has been a traffic generating staple over the years.  A number of Ezine sites exist that allow you to create and post articles to their site on a variety of topics.

Blog platforms makes it easy for you to write and host your own articles.  Whether you host the blog yourself, or you use a blog platform, blog articles allow you to create targeted articles peppered with keywords that ideally will be picked up by the search engines.

Whether it be an ezine or blog article, the goal is to get the article found by the search engine so that when someone does a search, they find your article.  Your article then links to your lead capture page.

Pro’s for Ezine, Blog Article Marketing

You can use these article platforms to market virtually anything you desire.  You can craft targeted articles around specific keywords.. you can create as many of these articles that you want and as often as you want.  The more content, the more likely you’ll be found from the search engine.  The more often you’re found with the search engine, the more likely you’ll be able to generate leads from the articles.

Con’s for Ezine, Blog Article Marketing

I tried submitting a few ezine articles over the past couple of years.  What I found was that even after several revisions, my article did not meet the guidelines of the site admin.  Each time my article was rejected, I was instructed to re-write it.  That took considerable time and still did not get posted to the ezine site.

Blogs (like this blog) have always served me better in terms of getting my content on the Internet.  Having my own blog means of course that I have to have a domain and web hosting company.  I need to be able to setup a database and get things up and running.  This is something that you would have to do yourself or hire out.

I’ve also found that even though I can write as many articles with as many keywords as I want, there is no guarantee that the article will get indexed by the search engines.

Years ago a good friend of mine gave me his blog article writing “secret sauce”.  It was a method he used to get his articles indexed by search engines.  I continue to use that method today and it works well for me.  However most people don’t know how to write articles for search engine indexing in mind.

#3 Pay Per Click Traffic

Pay per click is an Internet advertising model used to direct traffic to websites. In this model, advertisers pay the website publisher when the ad is clicked.  So “pay per click” is defined simply as the “amount spent to get an advertisement clicked.”

Google has long been the pay per click (PPC) media giant on the Internet.  When someone does a search for a specific keyword and you’re advertising for that keyword, you ad will appear.  The more you’re willing to pay for the click, the higher up on the page and the more often your ad will appear.  The person then sees your ad, clicks it and is then directed to your lead capture page.

There are other sites beyond Google that provide PPC traffic. However Google is the largest.

Pro’s for Pay Per Click Traffic

The best part about PPC traffic is that you know exactly how many visitors you’re going to get to your lead capture page for your advertising dollar.  That traffic can be highly-targeted because of the nature of the search they performed when seeing your ad.

PPC advertising can also be immediate.  Once you turn it on, you can begin to expect traffic to your lead capture page.

Con’s for Pay Per Click Traffic

The biggest complaint against PPC advertising has to do with Google and their willingness to accept your advertisement.

It appears that Google has grown weary of mlm or business opportunity advertisements.  Many claim that it has to do with consumer complaints about the outlandish income claims made by the lead capture pages being advertised. As Google is in the business of delivering a quality search result, they are more concerned about the consumer’s interest than they are the advertiser’s interests.  Google has become more stringent on mlm and network marketing advertising and as a result, accepts fewer such ads.

The cost per click at Google for business opportunities is quite high.  I recently did a review of the top 250 search terms that drove traffic to mlm or business opportunity offers.  I found that if you wanted any significant traffic to your lead capture page, you would have to spend a minimum of $2.50 per click.  The maximum I saw was $9.00 per click.

At, we’ve made it simple to drive high-quality, high-targeted mlm business opportunity web traffic to mlm lead capture pages.  It’s something we put together and we call it My AutoPilot Traffic for MLM leads. Normally we would drive our business opportunity traffic to our mlm lead capture page to generate mlm leads.  Well now, we can direct that same traffic to your mlm lead capture page instead.  We do this on a pay per click basis at a fraction of the cost you might get elsewhere.

Not only is the traffic converting well to generate mlm leads, but these mlm leads are exclusive to you when they opt into your lead capture page.  Many clients have already signed up new distributors using the My AutoPilot Traffic.

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This article describes mlm leads, mlm lead capture pages and the top 3 best mlm lead web traffic sources for mlm lead generation.

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