This network marketing leads article describes 2010’s top “100” marketing companies, mlm companies, multi-level marketing, network marketing companies worldwide based on sales #11-20.

As we continue to countdown to 2010’s #1 ranked marketing company as ranked by Direct Selling News, you will find the next 10 network marketing companies.

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20. ACN. Sales: $553 million. Founded in 1993, this network marketing company is the largest direct seller of telecommunications and home services in the world.  ACN offers local and long distance phone service, digital phone service with video phones, Internet, wireless, satellite TV, home security, computer support and energy services.

19. Yanbal International/Unique. Sales: $600 million. Founded in 1967, this company was founded in Peru and sells skin-care, cosmetics, personal-care products, fragrances and jewelry through its catalogs and beauty consultants.

18. Telecom Plus. Sales: $600 million. Founded in 1998, this network marketing company provides landline phones, broadband, mobile phones, gas, electricity products and services to customers across the UK.

17. MonaVie LLC. Sales: $600 million. Founded in 2005, this network marketing company sells nutritional beverages and features a blend of açai berry and other nutrient-dense fruits.

16. Omnilife. Sales: $750 million. Founded in 1992, this network marketing company sells nutritional supplements, weight-management and beauty products, beverages, cosmetics and fragrances in 23 markets in South America, North America, Central America, Asia and Europe.

15. Melaleuca Inc. Sales: $750 million. Founded in 1985, this marketing company sells more than 350 products, including personal-care items, cosmetics, household cleaning supplies and vitamins.

14. Ignite Inc. Sales: $902 million. Founded in 2004, this network marketing company is an energy provider of electricity and natural gas.  With energy service deregulation, more choices exist for consumers and entrepreneurs, and Ignite seeks to meet the needs of both.

13. Miki Corporation. Sales: $ 927 million. Founded in 1964, this company sells supplements made from prune extracts as well as household cleaners, personal care items and much more.

12. Primerica Inc. Sales: $ 1.3 billion. Founded in 1977, this network marketing company provides financial products and services, including term life insurance, mutual funds, variable annuities, loans, long-term care insurance and legal services.

11. Belcorp/L’Bel Paris. Sales: $ 1.3 billion. Founded in 1967, this company focuses on women, not only through its business model but also through its products.  They sell skin-care, fragrance, makeup, body-care and hair-care products.

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This network marketing leads article described 2010’s top “100” marketing companies, mlm companies, multi-level marketing, network marketing companies worldwide based on sales #11-20.  Continue to check back with us to see where your company is ranked in the list of top network marketing companies.

Note: Some network marketing companies, mlm companies and muliti-level marketing companies in this list declined participation in providing information.

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