As a business owner, do you know who your biggest competitor is when it comes to gaining the attention of your prospects?

Want to take a guess?

It’s the TV.

More specifically, it’s the television commercials that are played over and over to your prospects.

When it comes to pulling the attention of your prospects, television commercials are killing it. It’s hard to compete against them. Here’s why:

* Each ad is highly crafted and tested for effectiveness.

* Each ad identifies the prospect’s pain, promises a solution, presents a solution, then asks the prospect to take a desired action.

* Most ads accomplish that in only 15 seconds.

* Most ads keep your attention for the duration of the ad.

Now take a look at your business presenting..

You send web traffic to your lead capture page. Your prospect opts into your lead capture page to learn more. You send them to a 20 minute video presentation that tells them all about your company, your product, your service and your opportunity. They tune out, then navigate away.

Unlike the television commercial, your presentation failed to focus on the prospect’s pain points. Nor did it offer a solution to that pain. Instead, it focused on you, your company, your products, your service and opportunity.


When making the business presentation, it’s important to keep 7 universal motivations in mind. Craft your presentation so that your company / product / service / opportunity provides 1 more more of the following motivations:

1) To be wealthy

2) To be good looking

3) To be healthy

4) To be popular

5) To have security

6) To achieve inner peace

7) To have free time

8) To have fun

These are the things that prospects really want in their lives. Your company / product / service / opportunity is just a vehicle that helps them get the desired benefit.

Thanks for reading.

To your success,