Often I get asked by customers: “What should I say in my presentation?

Over the past 24 years of networking, I’ve seen and heard a lot of presentations. The most successful presentations are those that answered the following questions:

* What is it? How does it work?

Tell the prospect in plain and simple terms exactly what your product/service is. Tell prospects how it works and how it is used by others.

* How do you make mo’ney?

Explain in simple terms how people make money in this business. Don’t get into great details about the comp plan. Instead, keep the explanation simple to understand. You might say something like..

when we refer others to the company, and those referrals buy/join, we get paid a commission..

It’s often beneficial to give the prospect a real-life example so they can understand the concept of getting paid for referrals.

* Does it work for others?

This is where story telling becomes part of the business presentation. This is where you tell your story and how the product/service/business has worked for you. Or you tell the story of others and how it has worked for them. This story telling is part of the social proof that prospects need in order to evaluate the information you’re providing.

Social proof should be a big part of your business presentation. As they say, facts tell but stories sell.

* Will it work for me?

Prospects want some level of assurance that if they join your business that there’s a good chance they’ll be successful. So it’s here that you want to tell them that you have prebuilt training or prebuilt systems in place that do the hard work for them. This will allow them to plug into a proven system without having to create anything for themselves.

Story telling is a big component here as well. Tell how others are starting with zero experience and achieving positive results. Tell their stories.

* What can I do if it doesn’t work for me?

This is where company guarantees or trial periods are mentioned in your presentation. Let prospects know that they have some recourse if things don’t work out as expected.

* How do I get started?

This is where you ask for the sale.

Tell the prospect exactly what to do next to get started. Tell the prospect what to click, where to go, what to select. Tell them exactly what to do now and how to do it in order to get started.

In summary, these are the questions that prospects will want answered by your business presentation. Keep in mind what I said earlier in that “facts tell, but stories sell”. Your presentation should include a significant amount of social proof like testimonials and stories of others that have started and have reached success. Let the stories do the selling for you so you don’t have to.

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Thanks for reading.

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