This describes the top mlm companies and work from home business opportunities.  Is your network marketing business one of the best or fastest growing MLMs?

I’m preparing a review of the top MLM companies in the world.  So that I don’t leave out some of the best home based business opportunities from my report, I’m asking you to tell me a bit about your network marketing business.  In exchange for your well thought out reporting of your mlm company, I’m willing to list your company in this blog report.  And I’ll even allow a link to your company website from your post.

Does that sound good?

Here’s what we want to know.. Tell us:

* Your mlm or network marketing company business name.
* What do you market?  Describe the mlm product or service.
* What’s unique about your company/product/service?  What makes it special?
* Where do you market?  If you’re international, tell us which countries you’re in now.
* Will you be expanding into other countries. If so, which countries?
* Do you know the company’s annual revenue?  If so, tell me.
* Describe your compensation plan?  Is it a Binary plan?  Unilevel?
* Primary method of building your business?  Home parties?  Online?  Person-to-Person?
* Do you use an online marketing system that includes lead capture pages, contact manager, etc?
* Corporate website URL?

It doesn’t matter whether your company is new or old, we’d love to hear about it.

We also want to feature new and innovative companies in our report.  That way we can keep an eye towards the future.

Thanks in advance for your company information.  As promised, we’ll provide backlinks from our site to your website for the best company reviews submitted here on this MLM leads blog.

This article described the top mlm companies, the top home business opportunities and the best network marketing companies.  Tell us about your mlm company.  Is it the best or fastest growing mlm company today?

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