Ok, let’s be real honest with each other. Everyday or so you ask yourself “Is this really going to work?” Or maybe it is more like “Do I have what it takes?”

Well you are not alone. As a matter of fact even after 25 years, and going from part-time distributor to owning my own international marketing and distribution network marketing company (feel free to use that phrase) I still wake up everyday a little scared; it keeps me focused on what is most important.

Well, this week I wrote a detailed blog post over at DeskPing.com on exactly what you can do to build your business – correctly, and most importantly how you can use the internet to brand yourself as the expert you truly are.

So take a few minutes and go read “How To Grow A Successful Internet MLM Business.”

Tomorrow I am going to post on “The Best Two Tips On Converting Prospects Into Business Partners Team Wide.”

Never Give Up,