There is a lost Art in MLM lead generation that when applied correctly can send your website traffic through the roof. It’s call Postcard Marketing.

I have been running lead generation companies since 2000, and at one time ran the world’s largest lead generation company to the network marketing profession in all four major marketing channels; T.V., Radio, Direct Mail and the Internet. Until 2001 only 50% of our marketing was done online, the other 50% was done through direct marketing using postcards, newspaper and magazine ads, and custom sales letters.

However, when the bust took place it became cheaper to advertise on the net than it did to send direct mail. Now fast forward 8 years and times have changed. The net is flooded with lead capture pages, banner ads, pop-up and pop-under ads, and email has gone nuts.

Which brings me to the topic of this post!

With the modern network marketer doing 85% of their business on the net, and the other 15% doing their via the telephone, you have an opportunity to beat your competition and take the top stops in your primary companies by using some old fashion direct marketing.

There are two basic methods of direct marketing that will always drive consistent responses – Sales letters and Postcards.

In this post let’s focus on Postcards!

Think about it for a second. You have bought some MLM Leads, you have called them and emailed them. Some have responded, but because your time is limited you have not contacted all of your leads and now they are 30 to 90 days old.
Postcards can be a fantastic way to turn these aged MLM leads into fresh responsive MLM prospects.

A solid postcard, created with a powerful headline, will usually be read in full by 3 to 5 people before it ever reaches the intended MLM Lead. Now that does not happen with email marketing!

As a matter of act our case studies show that 79% of people skimming their emails are checking their inboxes with their finger on the delete button. They are not reading the email there are viewing the “from” line to see if they know who you are. If they don’t DELETE!

Back in 1983 when I signed my first distributor agreement Postcard marketing was the main marketing method we used. It was the hottest way to create fresh MLM prospects for our business. I would personally receive 5 to 7 postcards weekly. It went on like this until the end of the 90’s when email marketing started taking root.

Today just a handful of old timers are still using postcards to drive traffic to their website!

So if you are tired of smiling and dialing, getting your email address shut down for spamming, or buying mlm leads you know you will not be able to work completely, then you need to seriously look at creating a postcard you can mail to your MLM leads

If you need a great resource for MLM postcards give me a call or leave a comment on this post.

There is simply no excuse in today’s world for professional network marketers not to use postcards to generate solid targeted traffic to your website.

So start right now by sitting down to create the components you need for a successful postcard campaign.

1.    Headline

2.    Subheading

3.    Body

4.    Call To Action

5.    P.S.

Master these five areas of your postcard and you will rock. I also might add that you should go to USPS and get the specific specs on how your postcard should be laid out.

If you have any questions on this topic and are a current MLMLeads client feel free to contact me personally for some free help.

If you are not an MLMLead’s client and need help I charge $350.00 per hour for copywriting coaching, and $3700.00 to create the postcard for you.

So it makes since for you to become an MLM Lead’s client and get the help as part of your lead order.

Call Enrique ASAP and tell him you want Troy’s Postcard special. Then call me at 850-650-0557 and we can start the process of creating a postcard campaign that will rock you past your competition.

Never Give Up,

Troy Dooly