It’s the holiday season. The gift-giving time of year.

As a kid, I don’t remember all the gifts. But I do remember the one gift I did not receive. It kinda bugs me even today.

Let me explain. But first, let me give you some background on this story..

My father and his family emigrated to the USA from Mexico during the Mexican revolution. While being well educated as an adult, the only formal education my father had was a 9th grade education.

My father was a hustler.

He worked a number jobs in his youth. He was poor so he did whatever he had to do to get ahead.

As I grew up, my father would buy houses, fix them up and rent them out. He was his own carpenter, plumber and electrician.

He later owned a welding shop and ran that until he retired.

One day well into retirement, my father came to visit. He wanted to see me “work” from home. So I showed him how I wrote ads to generate leads.. how I answered emails.. how I built sales funnels that did all the presenting and telling for me.

As we sat together, I decided to ask him about that “gift” I had never received.

I asked:

“Dad.. you were always a hustler. You had rentals.. a welding business.. investments. So with all the things you taught me.. Why didn’t you ever teach me how to hustle?.. How to make my own money?”

Hustle was the gift I always wanted from my parents.

Don’t get me wrong. My folks taught me hard work and they worked me hard. But they didn’t teach me how to create income on my own without a boss looking over me.

As you go into the holiday season, think about giving the gift of hustle to someone you love. Show them how to create their own income.

Remind them that “Hustle” won’t show up in a pretty decorated box. Hustle will show up in work clothes.

Thanks for reading.

To your success,