Have you ever asked yourself “What are the fundamentals of a successful email marketing campaign?” I personally don’t think many email marketers ever ask this question.

The reason I feel this way is because one of the questions I hear almost daily is “Do you have great MLM email leads, for my Autoresponder email marketing campaign?”

When I hear this question, I know I am dealing with someone who has a huge dream of succeeding in their network marketing business, but they do not understand the fundamentals of email marketing.

A successful e-mail marketing campaign doesn’t really have much to do with the MLM email leads you have purchased, or the email deliverability to each and every email address.

The fundamental of all successful e-mail marketing campaigns is the development of your MLM email leads into a niche target audience.

When you buy email leads, you are buying a list of folks who are interested in a generic home-based MLM business opportunity, but who are really looking for someone who is an expert in their chosen niche market.

So the #1 question you should be asking is not “do you have great email leads?” It should be “Do I dominate my niche, and does my email marketing campaign prove this fact?”

Here are a few basic areas you need to master in order to prove your domination to your MLM email list.

•    Determine which niche you are going to dominate.

•    What kind of expertise do you want to create with your e-mailing campaign?

•    Is each of your emails created in the same format, newsletter, email ad, or prospecting email?

•    Will you offer HTML, plain text or both?

•    Are you a copywriter or do you need to hire a good one?

•    Do you have a email marketing plan? How often will you send email? How long will each email message be? How are you tracking your results? Are you CAN-SPAM compliant? Are you using email marketing best practices?

•    Are you using MLMLeads.com Autoresponder leads to build your target niche database.

•    Make sure you have a clearly seen opt-out link in each email sent.

•    Are you sending your email campaign from your desktop or using a professional email Autoresponder service? If you are sending from your desktop, do you know your ISPs policies on email marketing?

In creating a successful email marketing campaign building trust is your #1 goal. Never take advantage of your relationship with your email database recipients. Always send relevant information full of value and personal benefits for your readers.

If you are ready to launch your email marketing campaign, then give Enrique a call and order your first round of MLM Autoresponder Leads.

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Troy Dooly