I’m a little late with today’s newsletter. I just returned from my local Veteran’s Day Parade where we honored the men and women of this country that serve or have served in the military.

I live in Manhattan, KS which is adjacent to Fort Riley – home of the Big Red 1. The parade is always a big deal here since there is such a big military presence in our area.

Seeing the parade makes you realize the sacrifices that so many have given for our country. One sign in today’s parade said it all:

“..All gave some. Some gave all.”

My cousin “Johnny” pictured at right was one of those that gave all.

As you go about your day today, think about this:.

If you enjoy free press, thank a vet.

If you enjoy the freedom to assemble, thank a vet.

If you enjoy the freedom to worship, thank a vet.

If you enjoy free speech, thank a vet.

And if you enjoy the right to redress grievances, then thank a vet for that too.

Thanks for reading.

To your success,