Is Tahitian Noni reinventing themselves with a new product launch? Word has it that they’re launching a new single nutritional product with a front-end compensation plan.

U.S.A. sales for Tahitian Noni seem to have leveled out over the past few years. This new single entry-level product may be just what they need to create new buzz for Tahitian Noni here in the states.

What’s included?

  • Retail and group commissions
  • Global pool and matching bonuses
  • Under $50 pricepoint
  • No signup fees
  • Proven sales track record

The new product launch is rumored to be an immune system nutritional which promotes cardiovascular health.

Launch is scheduled for September 1, 2008. Keep an eye out for more details.

And when it launches, you can bet that Tahitian Noni reps will be looking for best MLM leads for Tahitian Noni.

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