This describes mlm leads generation and my best 3 headlines for generating mlm leads.

When it comes to generating your own leads using lead capture pages and MyAutoPilot Traffic, it’s important to have a compelling headline that will grab your reader’s attention. You have to remember that people have a short attention span. (Don’t believe me? Just watch how you sort your postal mail over the wastebasket next time you check the mail.) So your headline must target your reader’s interest, or they’ll navigate way immediately to some other website.

In today’s newsletter, I’m going to let you swipe my 3 best/proven headline templates that you can use to devise your own lead capture page headline.

Here goes..

1) How To _____

People always want to know how to do things. Use this headline with a strong benefit for the reader.

2) Secrets of _____ Revealed!

People always want to know secrets that they’re not privy to. As they say, knowledge is power. And those that have the new knowledge feel powerful and excited.

3) Warning! Don’t Even Think of _____ Until You _____

The “Warning” grabs your attention. The remainder of the headline creates a fear of loss in the reader. Use the fill-in-the-blank sections to target your ideal reader.

When you use compelling headlines and sub-headlines, you can really create targeted leads for your business. Last summer we created a lead capture page for a client that produced an 84% optin rate from our MyAutoPilot Traffic. While I can’t guarantee that you’ll get the same results, it’s fair to say that the better your lead capture page headline, the more targeted leads you’ll generate and the more people you’ll sponsor into your business.

Thanks for reading.

To your success,