Stop wasting your hard earned money on buying MLM Leads, if you are not serious about building an MLM organization!

Building a successful network marketing organization is not rocket science if you understand some simple keys.

I would also like to state an unwritten true about succeeding in network marketing.

Unwritten Truth: Your goal is not to build a primary company; it is to build your Brand! In other words “you are to build your own marketing and distribution organization.” Your primary company is just the vehicle you are using to build YOUR Company! Which is why professional MLM lead generation is a great resource in your marketing campaign.

Here are the three main keys you need to write down and keep with you all the time.

1. Master the four Fundamentals of Network Marketing: Prospecting, Presenting, Closing & Training.

2. Understand New School vs Old School MLM and how to use them both.

3. Master converting MLM Leads into new Business Partners

Teach your downline these three keys to their success! The reality of network marketing is most of us came into this business as skeptics, not business builders. We were seeking information that could help or solve our problems, we hoped that we had found it, but deep inside we were not sure.

In some cases it took several days, weeks, months or even years before we were ready to take the next step. No matter where we fit into the equation the person or group of people who brought network marketing to us did four things. The same is true about the leads you use to build your network marketing business.

Don’t expect your leads to say yes just because you bought them from a professional lead generation company. They are humans, not letters on a piece of paper. They have dreams, frustration, anxiety, and hopes just like you. Most have been screwed over so much that when they do hear something that sounds good they quickly say “this is to good to be true.” It is your #1 priority to contact your leads as if you were contacting yourself and go through each of the above fundamentals one at a time.

If at any time one of these four fundamentals were not completed we got stuck and did not move on in our decision process.

Troy’s Truth: Never move to presenting, before the prospecting process is completed! As an active client Enrique provides a solid sifting and sorting script (and training) that will allow you to master the prospecting fundamental.

If you were to line up all the lead generation companies supporting the MLM arena, you would be hard pressed to find much difference between the leads.

But, if you take and review the training provided by these companies ONLY one will come out on top –

Several years ago after facilitating the growth of the world’s largest support, training and lead generation company to the network marketing profession (some have said we created lead generation for network marketing) I stepped down so I could invest more time with my family.

For about a year I played at launching my own company on a much smaller scale. Then, I met Enrique. After investing months of quality time on the phone asking each other questions, throwing our dreams and visions back and forth, Enrique decided to come to the island where I live with his family for vacation.

It was like two brothers bringing their families together. We found we shared the same values and beliefs. Most of all we soon realized our future was to work together, not in competition.

See what I found was Enrique did not believe in hiding behind websites, 800 numbers and blind emails. He was willing to place his whole reputation on the line each and everyday by placing his name and image right on his website.

I knew I had found a true servant leader to be partners with.

Whether you are an active client or just found our blog by chance, I challenge you right now to call Enrique and talk to him about your business.

His passion for your success is second only to your own. His ability to take you to the next level of growth is second to none!

After 25 years in the network marketing profession and 8 years in professional lead generation I am completely convinced that is the BEST Support, Training and Lead Generation company serving the MLM profession TODAY!

If you will call Enrique right now and talk or leave him a message, he will give you a special deal on your next lead order. Just tell him Troy Sent you from the Blog.

Never Give Up,

Troy Dooly