Are you driving mlm web traffic to your mlm lead capture page for your business opportunity? If so, pay close attention to this article. It may sve you from wasting your entire ad budget.

Lately, I’ve been seeing a number of customers wonder what happened to their marketing results. When things go wrong, the first person that they look at is the traffic provider – me!

If you’re experiencing non-typical results with your marketing, I suggest you test your entire marketing funnel. The more often you test it, the more often you know things are working properly.

Is your lead capture page online?

Use a domain monitoring service like to know when your domain is down.

It’s also a good idea to monitor your email autoresponder service domain, along with the tracking link provider domain.

Is your tracking link service working?

If you’re using a tracking link to count clicks to your lead capture page, load your tracking link daily to know it redirects to your lead capture page properly.

Just today I’ve had 2 separate instances of tracking link service blackouts.

Is your webform working?

Opt into your lead capture page with a test email address. Did the autoresponder service collect and send you that test lead? Did you get redirected after the optin as expected?

Is your company website working properly?

If you’re directing prospects to your company website and wondering why you’re not getting paid signups, consider testing their order form.

Monitor daily.

Don’t be naive when it comes to your marketing. Services go down., and when they do, they won’t tell you about it. They’ll let you figure it out on your own.

In Summary..

Test your entire sales funnel prior to starting your web traffic order. Then continuously monitor your sales funnel while traffic is being delivered. That way you’re ensured maximum results from our premium web traffic.

BTW.. we know that if something can go wrong, it will. It’s for that reason that we put your order in traffic rotation instead of sending all your web traffic at once. This allows you time to react when something does go wrong.. instead of losing your entire advertising campaign.

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Thanks for reading.

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