In this newsletter, I want to discuss tracking links – what they are and how they’re used. And I’ll outline some of the pitfalls that you should be aware of.

But first.. What is a tracking link?

A tracking link is a URLs that is commonly used in marketing as a means of monitoring marketing activity or campaign effectiveness.

How do you use tracking links?

Some tracking links are sophisticated enough to provide analytics about your web audience. Others are simply click counters intended to count the number of times a link is clicked.

Are tracking links accurate?

That’s a good question. There are dozens of articles on the internet that describe counting errors and conflicting counts reported by various link tracking systems.

And what happens when a tracking link site is slow to respond? Does that link get tracked?

Again, that’s a good question that no one seems to know. The link tracking services don’t describe their accuracy if they do know.

What are problems associated with tracking links?

Besides providing inaccurate analytics or misleading counts, tracking links may cause you issues with..

* Load Time. If the tracking link website is slow to respond, the tracking link may not forward the prospect to the desired URL. If this takes too long, the prospect will simply go away from your web page.

* Broken Links. Too often tracking links are used in email messages. Those email messages may generate spam complaints. When there are too many complaints, the tracking link company may disable the tracking link, thereby breaking the link in your emails.

* Email Filtering. Tracking links in emails may get caught by spam filtering software. When that happens, your email is either blocked, or it ends up in the spam folder.

Do you need a tracking link?

To answer this question, you need to understand what it is that you’re trying to track.

If you’re trying to understand how many clicks of web traffic you’ve received from our traffic rotator, then the answer is “no”. You don’t need a tracker.

We track all traffic that has been delivered from our traffic rotator to your lead capture page. We document the count of clicks delivered, the IP address of the person sent to your lead capture page, and the timestamp of when the traffic was delivered. You can log into your member’s account to find this information.

So what’s the bottom line?

Tracking links can be valuable in providing analytics about your target audience. But their accuracy is still a big unknown.

Certainly tracking links are not required when directing MyAutoPilot Traffic to your lead capture page.

Thanks for reading.

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