I wrote these 7 action steps to telephone prospecting MLM leads, because I seem to hear daily from MLM leaders asking for prospecting strategies to jump start their mlm organizations prospecting activity.

“My reps are not prospecting enough!” That’s the concern I hear most often from network marketing leaders and company executives when I consult with them. However when I review their recruiting strategies, I find most are more focused on new school recruiting methods, and are not blending them the tried and true fundamentals.

The trend today in certain network marketing companies is to focus 100% on creating online systems to build their business. And either the company or the top leaders create emotionally powerful systems and then teach their people to drive massive MLM leads through their replicated landing pages.

Early in the launch of these systems reps see high click through rates and continue to buy more mlm leads, sending them Autoresponder emails directing them to view their site. However, very few of these systems really focus on follow-up – using the phone to talk with these “pre-enrollees” into their system.

And soon the frustrated rep is ready to quit. And since the emotionally powered online system still turns them on, they decide it must be the leads. None seem to think that maybe they have not been well trained on the fundamentals of network marketing.

And there are also though online systems who teach people not to use the phone, but to build using the net and passive marketing. I always find this somewhat fascinating, since network marketing unlike affiliate marketing is all about building relationships and marketing products, not just selling products!

Now don’t get me wrong, when you call or prospect on the phone, I guarantee that you’ll get slapped with a lot of rejection. However, in the reality of things, name one thing you have ever done that includes the interaction of other humans that does not include some level of rejection?

Even my wife rejected my offer for marriage several times before she finally asked me to marry her. Yet during all those years she kept telling me no, she kept saying yes when I would ask her out.

See, sometimes people are not rejecting us; they are just rejecting our timing!

On the other hand, when you’re professionally schooled in prospecting and follow-up techniques, using the telephone is easy and enormously profitable.

Here are 7 simple action steps you can use to master your telephone prospecting skills.

1. Create an ever growing potential client/business partner list

Your prospecting list should be an ever growing list of people you’re going to contact. And it should always be within easy access so that you can make calls without stopping whenever and wherever you have time.

Your list should come from several sources, such as; past business relationships, close friends and family, industry magazines, local networking groups and most of all from professional MLM lead generation companies.

Do not try and call each name on the list. Take 5 to 10 prospects each time and focus on them alone. Word of caution: If you are not getting 1 on 1 coaching then do not start with your best prospects.

I would also suggest purchasing Todd Falcone’s Mastery course on Prospecting.

2. Create Your Call To Action and agenda for your call.

If you start to make calls and are not clear on the Call-to-Action (sending them to a website, 3-way call, business briefing call etc.) then you will never get the prospect to take the next action step.

Once you have your Call-to-Action created. Now is time to create an agenda (some call a script) to lead your prospect to fulfill your Call-to-Action.

The reason I use the word agenda, is because I have found most people who use scripts recite them word for word, instead of using them as guidelines.

With an agenda, you are hitting the important points, not memorizing words that make you sound artificial. Every successful MLM Leader I know used an agenda so they could duplicate their actions with their downline organizations.

3. Make sure you are talking to the decision-maker.

To many times networkers just start going through their pitch, instead of building trust. When they are done pitching and ask the prospect to take the next step, they here these words “I’ll have to talk with ____-, before I can decide.”

There are several methods you can use to make sure you are talking with the decision maker. Here is a simple, yet powerful question you can ask make sure you are talking to the right person, and to eliminate this as an objection in the future.

“Before I go any further, I would like to ask you a question. If after hearing what I have to share, you can see the legitimacy and value of our business is there anyone or anything that would keep you from getting started?”

That one question will allow you to know if you need to get someone else on the phone.

4. Be Professional, introduce yourself and be very specific.

Ever start your call with, “Hi, how is the weather, today?” You’re not their friend and they have not given you permission to be their friend yet!

Start your presentation with your prospect like this: “Hello, Troy. My name is Enrique and I am calling you from my home office in Miramar Florida. With your permission I have two very quick questions I would like to ask you? (WFA) My first question is; your name came across my desk as someone who is or was doing due diligence on launching your own business. Is that true or has someone been spreading a rumor?” (WFA) My second question is: “How can I serve you in your quest to launching your own business?”

This is called sifting and sorting. Using this method will allow you to maximize your time and shows your potential business partner they are your first concern.

5. Ask Questions Don’t Pitch.

Most rejection comes from not asking questions right up front about the person you are talking with. For 25 years I have been using a simple but very effective method of showing my prospect I am focused on them, and not ONLY marketing my service. It is called the F.O.R.M method.

F = Family – Ask questions about their family. Now long have they been married, how many kids, how long have they lived in the area.

O = Occupation – Ask them what they do now. Do they like it, how long have they been doing it, what do they like most.

R = Recreation – What do they like to do in their down time. What got them hooked on it, have they won any awards, how often do they do it.

M = Motivation – What is the motivation behind them looking into starting their own business? Listen to the underlying need or desire they share.

Only after you have this information should you start to share about yourself and your company.

Always review their answers and blend them into your presentation.

6. Don’t Pitch, Present Your Solution To Their Situation.

Here is a short example. “Enrique, from what you have just told me, I can see where our business might be a good fit for you and your family based on your current occupation, lifestyle and motivation. Before I share about it, though, I would like to share a little about myself and why I have my own business. I think you’ll be able to relate a little.

I learned a long time ago, people don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.

So, always lead with questions focused on them, and not on your pocketbook.

7. Accomplish your Call-to-Action
If your CTA (Call-to-Action) is to schedule a 3-way call, suggest to the prospect, “I want to introduce you to one of my close friends and business partners, who can give you a slightly different perspective on our business, can you give me 5 more minutes?” (WFA) and stay to the 5 minutes!

Remember, human nature is basically the same. None of us want to have our time wasted or feel we are not respected.

Another great way to build trust with your new prospect is to take them to a website where they can see a short video of you or one of your leaders sharing about the business.

In closing remember the key to succeeding in phone prospecting is constant training. You must master your skills.

Here is a link to Todd Falcone’s training and a link to one of his training videos.

Never Give Up,

Troy Dooly