Are you monitoring your mlm marketing?

If not, you should consider doing so.

In today’s digital marketing world, websites can go down unexpectedly. Sometimes a website may remain online but still have issues that may affect your marketing.

If you’re ever wondering why your marketing isn’t producing the results you’re expecting, then take time to monitor and test your marketing.

Here are some steps you can use to monitor your marketing.

1) Test your lead capture page URL.

Clear your web browser cache. Then reload the lead capture page URL to ensure it is loading as expected.

If you’re getting a blank screen instead of your capture page, either the domain isn’t properly pointed or resolving to the correct location. Or the lead capture hosting service is down or offline.

2) Test your lead capture page.

Now that you’ve ensured that your lead capture page is online, it’s time to test the lead capture page webform that collects the leads for you.

Opt into your capture page using a new email address. Verify that your page is posting the lead into your email autoresponder. Ensure that your autoresponder is sending email and notifying you of the new lead.

Once you’ve ensured that your autoresponder is working, remove your contact from the autoresponder so that you can use it again in the future to test as needed.

3) Test your credit card processor.

Some online marketing systems sell information products on your website. If you feel like you’re not making the sales that you normally do, make a test purchase to ensure the credit card processor is responding. While I’ve rarely had issues with FirstData Card Services over the years, some credit processors are less reliable.

4) Monitor your host providers.

Your marketing sales funnel may have multiple service providers in the mix. They may include a lead capture page hosting company, an autoresponder company, a video hosting company, and a credit card processor. If any one of those services goes down, it can have a negative affect on the whole sales funnel.

I suggest monitoring all your services so that you’re notified when any one of them goes down or becomes unresponsive.

I use for my web monitoring. I get email notifications when a monitored site down. That way I can A) notify the host of the downtime, and B) take actions to halt my marketing until the issue is cleared.

Take time to put a monitoring plan together for your business. If you’re not monitoring your marketing, your marketing investment is at risk.

Thanks for reading.

To your success,