How to prospect your MLM lead list and the importance of building trust with your network marketing leads or home based business leads is discussed.

Enrique: Tom I have a lot of folks that are prospecting their MLM lead list over the telephone. They don’t necessarily want to build an MLM organization locally. Instead, they’re building nationally over the telephone. How important is it for a person building over the telephone to build trust with their MLM prospects?

Tom: Well I would say that if you don’t have any trust, you might as well pick another telephone number to dial.

You should probably learn a couple of ways to create instant rapport with people – instant trust. And you can take a look at this example:

A telephone salesman calls you and 30 seconds later, you’ve already made up your mind to look for reasons to buy or reasons not to buy.

So it’s all over in the first 30 seconds. It has nothing to do with the compensation plan, the product or whatever.

So what happens in that first 30 seconds? You either build rapport or you don’t.

And the question is, what are you going to have for trust there?

If it’s going to be good, you’re going to have rapport. If not, you’re out of luck.

You should really work hard on building some skill on trust and rapport.

In summary, building trust is important when prospecting your MLM lead list, network marketing leads or home based business leads.

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