In today’s newsletter, I’m going to give you some cold, hard advice that will help you from bombing on your next mlm leads marketing ad campaign.

I have 2 tips for you. Here they are:

Proof-read and Spell-check your advertising ad copy!

This sounds really obvious but I have to tell you, a lot of distributors are using lead capture pages and sending follow-up email messages that haven’t been proofed or spell checked. When you’re using or sending out marketing materials that haven’t been proofed or checked, it makes you look unprofessional.

Anytime I send out a newsletter, I always have someone else proof it for me. If it’s hard for them to read and understand, then I know it’s going to be hard for you too.

I’ve also found it helpful to read the ad copy out loud to myself. Often hearing the copy read aloud helps me to refine the copy so that it’s easier to read and understand.

Lastly, be sure that you’re using the correct version of the word for your sentence. For example choose the correct word: there, their or they’re.

Listen, if you’re going to be spending good hard-earned money on your advertising, take a few extra minutes to check your work. It can make all the difference to your prospective new distributor.

By the way, if you’re looking for an easier way to get people to your lead capture page, go here.

Thanks for reading.

To your success,