This describes mlm warm market prospecting when building your mlm network marketing business.

Since I rarely prospect my warm market, I have to say that I’m probably not as versed as many of you are when it comes to the “how” of presenting the business opportunity to your local warm market.

How are you going about it? How are you making your warm market presentations?

Are you meeting people in their homes or at coffee shops?

Are you handing them paper brochures?

Are you using laptops and showing the prospect a website?

Are you still using audio CDs?  DVDs?

Are you playing the audios or videos while with the prospect? Or are you giving it to them to take with them?

Are you talking your prospect thru a slideshow presentation?

Or are you making business presentations using napkins?

In short, how are you presenting your mlm business opportunity to your local warm market? What’s working for you?

Please use the comment box below to tell us what’s working well for you.

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