In his book “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind“, author and self-made millionaire T. Harv Eker says that much of what separates wealthy people from average people is mental. He says that rich people think, act and make choices differently then others.

Eker goes onto describe a seemingly harmless daily habit that average people engage in.. one that rich people refuse to engage in. And that habit is:


Eker writes, “Complaining is the absolute worst possible thing you could do for your health or your wealth.

When you complain, you’re focusing on what is wrong with your life – and what you focus on tends to expand.”

Eker goes on to say that “Like attracts like. When you’re complaining, you are actually attracting ‘crap’ into your life.”

Eker makes a point that we need to separate ourselves from complainers. It is as important to separate ourselves from complainers, as it is not to complain. “Negative energy is infectious. Plenty of people love to hang out and listen to complainers. Why? It’s simple: They’re waiting for their turn.”

If you’re in a financial rut, it’s important that you stop complaining – out loud and in your head. Instead, start hanging out with upbeat, successful people.

Eker encourages his readers to “choose your thoughts and words wisely!

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