This article describes network marketing leads and network marketing surveyed leads.  Can you really believe the mlm lead survey answers?  The answer will surprise you.

It’s not uncommon to receive a phone call from a prospective customer asking how much surveyed information we give with our leads.  The answer I always give them is the same:


Why not?

Why not collect mlm surveyed information and pass that along to clients?

We don’t collect surveyed information for 2 reasons:

Reason #1: Bogus Surveyed Information. Rarely will prospects give you real answers about themselves in a web form before they know what’s in it for them.  They’ll often give you enough MISinformation in order to fill out the web form.  Rarely more.

I know a leads vendor that actually appended random surveyed answers with each lead he sold.  I guess he thought random answers to surveyed questions were better than no answers at all.

We think otherwise.

I once had a client that told me that he had a “big ticket” program.  He said he only wanted leads of people who said they had $5,000 to invest in a business.

As time went on, we threw a lot of data on the floor of people that said they did NOT have $5,000 to invest in a business.  After some time, we sent all that data to the client and asked them to work the leads even though they did not meet their financial requirements.

The results?

The results were quite interesting.  The conversion rates between the leads that DID and DID NOT have $5,000 to invest were IDENTICAL!!

That just goes to show you that prospects will tell you anything in a survey form.  Ideally they’d like to ask for information anonymously.

Reason #2:  Surveyed Questions Drive Up Lead Cost. We tell this to clients all the time.  If you don’t believe us, try this simple test yourself:

Step 1:  Create two different landing pages.

Graphically the landing pages should be the same.  They differ only in their web form.

Let one of the landing pages use a “short form” web form that requires only the prospect’s name, phone and email address.

Let the second landing page require more information like.. name, address, city, state, zip, phone, email, gender, how much money they have to invest in a business, how much time per week they have to invest in a home business, and primary reason for starting a home business.

Step 2:  Buy PPC Traffic.

How buy pay per click traffic and direct to your landing page.  Monday thru Friday on week 1, send the traffic to the short form page.  Track how many clicks to your page that you need to get a prospect to fill out your form.  Take the total cost of clicks and divide by the number of leads to get your Cost/Lead number.

Now, send traffic to your long web form.

On Monday thru Friday of week 2, use the long form page.  Again track your clicks and calculate your Cost/Lead number.

How do the two Cost/Lead numbers compare?

Is one drastically higher than the other?

I’m betting it is.  You’ll find the costs are higher without any added benefit.

The Bottom Line.

When top MLM prospecting pros work a lead, they simply look at the name and number.  They simply want to get that prospect on the phone when they dial that number.

Nothing else matters.

And that is the reason we don’t include surveyed answers with our leads.  If we don’t believe the answers, we can’t expect you to believe them either.

MLM survey lead questions and answers simply act to drive up the cost of the mlm lead without any added benefit.

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This article described network marketing leads and network marketing surveyed leads.  Can you really believe the mlm lead survey answers?  We can’t.  We don’t expect you to believe them either.

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