This network marketing leads article describes the top “Hot 100” network marketing companies, mlm companies, multi-level marketing companies.

This is the first installment of 25 of the top 100 network marketing companies as ranked by sales by the Direct Selling News.

76. The Maira Co. Ltd. Sales: $140.5 million.  Founded in 1991, this Japanese network marketing, MLM company provides cosmetics, skincare, bath equipment, and dietary supplements.

77. Giffarine Skyline Unity Co. Sales: $137.5 million.  Founded in 1996, this Thailand-based MLM company provides cosmetics, skin care, food and drink, supplements, and household products.

78. ARSOA HONSHA CORP. Sales: $130.8 million.  Founded in 1998 in Japan, this network marketing, MLM company provides cosmetics and nutritional supplements.

79. Tastefully Simple Inc. Sales: $130 million.  Founded in 1995, this network marketing, MLM company provides specialty food items.

80. Kirby. Sales: $125 million.  Founded in 1914, the Kirby Company has focused on home care. Newer versions of the company’s vacuum systems promise to remove allergens and air pollution but continue to rely on in-home demonstrations by independent Kirby distributors.

81. Ardyss International. Sales: $122 million.  Founded in 1991 and headquartered in Mexico City, Mexico, Ardyss International’s primary product is undergarments that “reshape” the body. A family business, the company has grown consistently since its founding and now also sells nutrition and skincare products.

82. Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing. Sales: $120 million+.  Founded in 2001, this network marketing company sells products and services that people use every day. It partners with name-brand providers, such as Dish Network, The Wireless Shop and GE Home Security, among others.

83. Chandeal Co. Ltd. Sales: $113.5 million.  Founded in 1985, this Japanese network marketing, MLM company provides lingerie.

84. Kleeneze. Sales: $109.3 million.  Founded in 1923, this UK network marketing, MLM company provides household, health and beauty items.

85. Keller Williams Realty Inc. Sales: $108.1 million.  Founded in 1983, this Texas-based network marketing, MLM company is a real estate franchise company with over 75,000 real estate agents, operating in more than 650 market centers (offices) across the United States and Canada. Keller Williams Realty is currently the third-largest residential real estate company in the United States.

86. Creative Memories. Sales: $100 million+. Founded in 1987, this MLM company provides photo albums, scrapbooking materials, digital photo books and photo-organization software.

86. FreeLife International. Sales: $100 million+. Founded in 1995, this network marketing, MLM company provides food/gourmet items, nutritional supplements and oral hygiene, personal-care, skincare and weight-management.

86. lia sophia. Sales: $100 million+.  Founded in 1972, this network marketing, MLM company sells high-quality jewelry backed by a lifetime guarantee.

86. New Image International. Sales: $100 million+.  Founded in 1984, New Image International provides colostrum-based nutrition, beauty, home-care/environmental and weight-loss products in the Asia-Pacific region.

90. Déesse. Sales: $100 million.  This network marketing, company is based in Switzerland. Under the umbrella of Déesse International GmbH, the company sells cosmetics, skin care, nutritional supplements and clothing.

90. Take Shape for Life/Medifast. Sales: $100 million.  Take Shape for Life is a healthy lifestyle company that aims to help its customers achieve healthier weights, minds and finances. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of 25-year-old, publicly traded Medifast Inc.

90. Unicity Networks  International. Sales: $100 million.  This network marketing, MLM company distributes nutritional supplements, skincare products, weight-management products and a variety of herbal remedies for many health issues. Unicity was formed when network marketing firms Rexall Showcase International and Enrich International merged.

93. WorldVentures. Sales: $90.2 million.  WorldVentures markets travel-related products through the Internet and personal contact. In 2009, WorldVentures expanded into several global markets.

94. Relív International Inc. Sales: $85.4 million.  Relìv International launched with a product that provides a full day’s nutrition. That product is still sold today as Relìv Classic, one of the company’s many product offerings. The company holds five nutritional patents, with several more in the application stage.

95. Entertaining at Home Inc. Sales: $80 million.  This network marketing, MLM company began as a subsidiary of The Reader’s Digest Association. The company was officially launched in 2006 provides products that help people earn income and entertain in their homes. This revenue reflects the company’s acquisition of Southern Living At Home in 2009.

95. Regal Ware. Sales: $80 million.  Regal Ware sells high-quality cookware. The company’s products include stainless steel and cast-aluminum cookware as well as branded food-preparation items and drinking water treatment systems for the home.

97. Vemma Nutrition Company. Sales: $77 million.  This network marketing, MLM company is a wholly owned subsidiary of New Vision, a leader in health and wellness. Vemma sells primarily mangosteen-based nutritional supplements that are clinically tested and designed to meet its customers’ needs.

98. Betterware. Sales: $74.8 million.  Founded in 1928, this MLM company offers home wares and house-care cleaning products, gifts, and personal-care, beauty, and outdoor products in over 7 markets.
Country: UK

99. Captain Tortue Group. Sales: $67.4 million. Founded in 1993, this MLM company provides lingerie and women’s and children’s clothing.

100. YTB International. Sales: $67.3 million. Founded in 2001, this network marketing, MLM company provides sales of travel, travel products and travel websites in the United States, Puerto Rico, the Bahamas, Canada, Bermuda and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

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