This network marketing leads article describes the top “100” network marketing companies, mlm companies, multi-level marketing companies #21-30 based on mlm sales in 2010 worldwide.

As the countdown continues to 2010’s #1 ranked marketing company as ranked by Direct Selling News, you will find the next 10 network marketing companies.

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30. Market America Inc. Sales: $416 million. Founded in 1992, this marketing company sells health and nutrition, anti-aging, cosmetics, personal-care, weight management, financial services, home and garden, pet care, telecommunications, Internet, auto care.

29. Tahitian Noni International, Inc. Sales: $420 million. Founded in 1994, this network marketing company markets juices, nutritional supplements, skin-care and hair-care products from Tahiti’s noni fruit. Tahitian Noni International was one of the pioneers in the superfruit beverage market.

28. Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. Sales: $454 million. Founded in 1972, this network marketing company provides access to legal services for average people.

27. Tiens/Tianshi. Sales: $500 million. Founded in 1990, this marketing company sells wellness products, dietary supplement products through some 100 branch offices and chain stores of affiliate Tianshi Engineering.

26. The Pampered Chef Ltd. Sales: $500 million. Founded in 1980, this network marketing company sells more than 300 gourmet kitchen tools, cookware, cookbooks and foodstuffs.

25. Shaklee Corp. Sales: $500 million. Founded in 1956, this network marketing company sells nutritional supplements, skin-care, weight management, green cleaners.  Shaklee is known for its green products and social responsibility efforts.

24. USANA Health Sciences Inc. Sales: $517 million. Founded in 1992, this network marketing company develops and manufactures high-quality nutritional supplements, healthy weight-management products and personal care products.

23. LG Household & Health Care. Sales: $532 million. Founded in 1947, this company is an established leader in the Korean household goods and cosmetics industries.

22. Amore Pacific. Sales: $539 million. Founded in 1945, this company’s products use Asian botanicals and nanotechnology to deliver skin-care and personal-care items. The company is an old favorite in South Korea, and its products can now be found on Sephora shelves in the United States.

21. PartyLite (Blyth). Sales: $545 million. Founded in 1973, this network marketing company is the world’s largest direct seller of candles and home fragrance products.  They offer candles, candle warmers, flameless fragrance, home accents, personal-care products and food products.

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This network marketing leads article describes the top “100” network marketing companies, mlm companies, multi-level marketing companies #21-30 based on mlm sales in 2010 worldwide.  Check back with us to see where your company is ranked in the list of top network marketing companies.

Note: Some network marketing companies, mlm companies and muliti-level marketing companies in this list declined participation in providing information.

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