This describes mlm leads, network marketing leads and mlm lead lists and how many times you should call your mlm leads when mlm prospecting.

I am in a unique position.  I work with a number of different MLM distributors from a number of different companies.  Most are successful working leads and they stay with us for years on a monthly autoship. But there are others that aren’t as successful.  They tend to buy leads once or twice and tell me that the leads didn’t work out.  They move onto the next mlm lead generation company trying to find the “best mlm leads” available.

Why are some people successful working mlm lead lists and others not?

Why do some distributors sponsor people in their business and others don’t?

I’ve found that one key to MLM lead prospecting success has to do with the number of times a distributor dials thru an mlm lead list.

Successful prospectors like prospecting pro Mike Boggs will dial thru an mlm  leads list at least 4 or 5 times before he considers the list complete.  He’ll make careful note of the time and day that he placed the call.  He’ll vary the time and day the next time he dials thru the list.  That way he can catch people at home.

When Mike encounters voice mail, he won’t leave a voice mail message until say the 4th or 5th run thru the list.


Because most people are going to let their voice mail screen the call for them.  But when you don’t leave a voice mail message, it drives the prospect crazy.  They want to know who is calling.  So often, they will call you back just to find out why you called.

And what do “unsuccessful” prospectors do in comparison?

Most often these distributors do not call the list more than twice.  If they haven’t made contact within a couple of calls, they move on – either to a new leads company or to a new list.

Folks I want you to understand that if you’re going to get the most out of your advertising dollar, you’ve got to dial thru the mlm lead list repeatedly.

I recommend you make 5 dials thru the list.  Work with the people that you have connected with up to that point.  Help them thru your sales funnel.  After 2 or 3 weeks, make a final pass thru the leads list again.  You’ll undoubtedly connect with people that you were unable to reach earlier.

Try this approach the next time you work your mlm leads list. And when you need a network marketing leads list, try our Real-Time MLM Leads.  They work for the top pros and they can work for you.

This described mlm leads, network marketing leads and mlm lead lists and how many times you should call your mlm leads when mlm prospecting if you want to be successful in your network marketing business.

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