This article describes MLM Leads, mlm lead lists and where you find the best network marketing leads for your network marketing or MLM business opportunity.

A few months ago, my partner Troy Dooly recently wrote a detailed article describing the average person joining an MLM or network marketing opportunity.  Today I’m writing this article to provide you even more detail.  In just a moment, you’re going to know where to find the best mlm prospects or leads for your network marketing business.

In 2007 it was reported that there were more than 15 million people involved in the direct sales industry here in the USA (nearly 68 million worldwide).  The average person joining a network marketing or MLM business today is described as follows:

#1.  This is where they work their business. 
They don’t want to leave the house to make money.  So they use the Internet, telephone and home parties and work from home.

#2.  This is what they sell.
They like to sell easy to move items like the following:

* 32.8% Sell items like Clothing & Accessories/personal care… things like cosmetics, jewelry and skin care.
* 25.6% Sell items like home/family durables like cleaning products, cookware, cutlery and the like.
* 21.4% Sell wellness products.  These include weight loss products and vitamins.
* 16.2% Sell other services.  And..
* 4% Sell Leisure or Educational items.  These include books, videos and toys.

#3.  This is where they live.
* 31.6% of sales came from the South.
* 26.8% of sales came from the West.
* 23.3% of sales came from the Midwest.
* 18.3% of sales came from the Northeast.

#4.  This is how many hours they work their business.
* 12% of home business entrepreneurs spend less than 1 hour a week.
* 31% spend 1-4 hours a week.
* 23% spend 5-9 hours a week.
* 22% spend 10-19 hours a week.
* 12% spend 20+ hours a week.

#5.  This is their education.
* 10% have a Post Graduate education.
* 32% have a College Graduate education.
* 29% have a some College or AA/Trade School education.
* 22% have a High School Graduate education.
* 5% have some high school or less.

#6.  This is their marital status.
77% are married.
12% are divorced, widowed or separated.
10% are single.

#7.  This is their age.
32% are 35-44 years old.
25% are 45-54 years old.
21% are 18-34 years old.
14% are 55-64 years old.
8% are 65+ years old.

And finally, the stat that is the most revealing… This is the stat that you should pay the MOST ATTENTION to.

If you really want to grow your MLM or network marketing business, go after the following group of people:

#8.  This was their gender.
* 87.9% were female.
* 12.1% were male.

So in summary, I believe your best mlm lead prospect for your network marketing business is…

Female between 18 to 44 years of age.  She is married with a High School education or above.  She commonly spends between 1 to 10 hours a week on her business from home.  She comes from any area in the country – fewer from the northeast.  She likes building her business from home using home parties or Internet/telephone to sell easy to move items like clothing, durables, weight loss and vitamins.

I’ve just described for you the best mlm lead or best network marketing lead for your mlm or business opportunity.

So where do you find these networking women?

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Enrique Garibay

This article described MLM Leads, mlm lead lists and where you find the best network marketing leads for your network marketing or MLM business opportunity.  Source:  Direct Selling Association

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