This describes mlm leads and mlm lead web traffic. Learn how Brian Cain achieves a 60% mlm lead capture page opt-in rate using this secret mlm lead web traffic formula.

Brian Cain of recently posted a great case study to YouTube where he described his mlm leads and mlm lead generation system of generating exclusive mlm leads for his network marketing business.

Brian is a guy that’s been working from home full time for over a year. As an mlm distributor, Brian has continually tested mlm lead vendors and mlm web traffic publishers. His challenge with everything that he tested came down to the issue of mlm leads quality. He found that sometimes a leads vendor would over-price their mlm leads click traffic. Other times, the mlm web traffic was nothing more than “freebie seekers” that jumped into his mlm leads sales funnel but never bought anything or joined his mlm network marketing business.

In comparison, now that Brian is using to generate his exclusive mlm leads, he notices that he’s able to collect both mlm lead names and phone numbers along with email addresses. And now that he has phone numbers with the leads, he’s able to pick up the phone and call his mlm lead prospects. The mlm leads he’s generating now are responsive and ready to get started in an mlm network marketing business opportunity.

In this case study, Brian also compared his optin mlm lead capture page rates using the MyAutoPilot Traffic solution for mlm web traffic to that of other mlm leads traffic vendors.

Using the MyAutoPilot Traffic, Brian received 465 business opportunity seekers that were directed to his mlm lead capture page. Of those highly-targeted visitors, Brian generated 281 mlm leads exlusively for his mlm network marketing opportunity. That’s a lead capture page conversion rate of over 60%!

Brian then compared the results he’s gotten with other mlm lead vendors. When he collected “email only”, his lead capture page opt-in rate varied mostly between 20% to 40%. And again, that only collected the prospect’s email address. Now compare that optin rate to the 60+% opt-in rate he receives using the web traffic where he collects name, phone and email address of the exclusive mlm leads.

Brian goes onto to recommend that if you’re looking for a quality mlm leads source vendor, or if you’re looking to put your mlm lead generation traffic on autopilot, then he highly recommends to get this all setup at There you can get mlm leads, mlm web traffic and mlm lead capture pages to generate your own exclusive mlm leads for network marketing.

This described mlm leads and mlm lead web traffic at Learn how Brian Cain achieves a 60% mlm lead capture page opt-in rate using this secret mlm lead web traffic formula.

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