MLM Leads Training Xango .vs Yoli does it really matter to MLM distributors? The answer is NO! What matters is the MLM Leads you are using to build your XanGo or Yoli business.

Now, I know at first glance you might be thinking “yes it does matter, I’m a Yoli distributor trying to launch my business.” Or maybe you’re with XanGo and you think “Yes it does matter, these Yoli boys left us high and dry, to launch a competitor business.”

And, you might be right based on how you are seeing this situation. But, step back for a second and ask yourself this question…

How does the XanGo .vs Yoli lawsuit really effect my team building?

It doesn’t, not directly! The only thing which truly effects your business is if you are talking to people! If you are not talkign to people, then nothing will effect your business, because you don’t really have a business!

Now, if you are with XanGo, you have the XanGo “Three Step Plan” radio co-op you can use to get targeted leads for your XanGo business. However, let’s take a look at your overall raw cost for just the leads. You pay $100.00 for how many leads? 4, 8, 12? Each month it will change depending on the response to the radio ads, so there is not a real good way of determining what your raw “per lead” cost will be. (I’m not knocking the XanGo Radio Co-op, I used it when I was a rep in XanGo and it works!)

However, as an alternative, I would suggest the Direct-to-Website Real-time MLM Leads we have here at

For $47.00 you will receive 40 MyAutoPilot Traffic visitors to your site. Each of these MLM Leads complete one of our generic home-based business online ads (just like the generic XanGo Radio Co-Op), but instead of stopping there, we send them directly to your XanGo Website.

You get to decide whether you want them to opt-in again, or place them directly into the XanGo tour.

When you get right down to it, you know 100% of the time exactly what your raw lead cost is, and you can quickly determine what the real ROI (return On Investment) of each new XanGo Distributor you sign-up.

Now, I don’t want to leave my yoli friends out. But since you are in Pre-Launch we need to use a different MLM Lead type.

Right now most folks are sending their prospects over and hope their prospect will get back with them.

However… There is an answer where you can stay in full control of the process. Well, really there are two answers, it just depends on which fits your marketing approach.

The first is our National Real-Time MLM Leads. These leads have seen our online marketing campaign, and took the time to request more information.

We provide you 50 pre-qualified MLM Leads for $57.00. Now you pick up the phone and contact them personally sharing the power of the Yoli story. And instead of sending them blind to the Yoli PreLaunch site, you stay on the phone with them, and listen to the presentation. At the end you ask them… “Are you in or are you out?”

The second type of lead you might want to think about is the Local Real-Time MLM Lead. Now this is not a lead for everyone. I strongly suggest using this lead ONLY if you live in a major city in America.

We provide you 50 pre-qualified local MLM prospects for $97.00. Again, these are folks who have seen our online marketing, and who are looking for a home-based business. You get to call and schedule and appointment to share the Yoli business. Now, what makes these MLM leads work so well for Yoli is because… The DSA (Direct Selling Association) reports that over 75% of all sales take place person-to-person. These MLM Leads could be the answer for you taking the top leadership positions before the company even officially launches!

In closing let me offer a secret 3rd option for both XanGo and Yoli distributors. a few years ago top leaders from MonaVie and Drink ACT, came to us for custom leads. Well those leads are still being used today to drive the growth of some of the most successful teams in both companies.

Since both XanGo and Yoli offer simpler products… you could grab some of those leads and you might just be surprised at how fast your teams grow.

Our Leads for MonaVie run 50 for $57.00 and are generated just like our national real-time leads with the exception they are seeing some specific marketing about the healthy drink industry.

And our Leads for Drink ACT also run 50 for $57.00 and they see our marketing campaign focused on earning money in the Energy Drink industry.

Our goal here at MLM Leads is to help you grow your teams, with the best, most respected MM Leads available today.

So, if you are still concerned about the XanGo vs Yoli lawsuit, well, it just doesn’t matter when you get right down to it!

Never Give Up,

Troy Dooly


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