This describes MLM Leads prospecting and the perfect email subject line length.

Are you using the ideal length of email subject line in your email marketing?

If you’re like most business owners I know, you’re sending traffic to your lead capture page to generate leads. Once prospects optin, they’re subscribed to your email autoresponder that in turn, sends emails on your behalf.

Each of those emails have a subject line. Craft a good email subject line and you’re likely to get your email read. Craft it wrong and it will end up in the trash bin.

So what is the ideal length of an email subject line?

Buffer reported a subject line sweet spot of 28-39 characters in length.

Separately, Mailer Mailer did a study that reported open rates and click thru rates for the following subject line lengths:

  • 4-15 characters: 15.2% open; 3.1% click
  • 16-27 characters; 11.6% open, 3.8% click
  • 28-39 characters: 12.2% open; 4% click
  • 40-50 characters; 11.9% open; 2.8% click
  • 51+ characters: 10.4% open; 1.8% click

In general, a 50-character maximum is recommended for email subject lines, although MailChimp points out that there can be exceptions:

The general rule of thumb in email marketing is to keep your subject line to 50 characters or less. Our analysis found this to generally be the rule. The exception was for highly targeted audiences, where the reader apparently appreciated the additional information in the subject line.

I personally agree with using shorter email subject lines. However I think the success of your subject line has more to do with what you say in the subject line, rather than its length.

Take a look at your follow-up emails and see how your subject lines compare to the recommendations listed above.

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