When it comes to prospecting mlm leads for your mlm business, there is going to be considerable follow-up involved. Knowing that follow-up takes time out of your day, it pays to be efficient with your time and work with those prospects that you perceive to be “high value”.

As you go about your prospecting day, you’ll ask your prospect to write your name and phone number down. You’ll ask your prospect to visit your website and view your business presentation. And if you’re like most distributors, you’ll ask the prospect to call you back.

What are the odds of that happening? What are the odds that the prospect will call you back?

I’ll be straight with you.. the odds are pretty low.

Most prospects are not going to call you back – even the “high value” or “hot” prospects. Everyone lives busy lives; especially the hot prospects. So for prospects to carve out time in their day to call you.. well, let’s just say it’s not going to happen often.

Knowing that prospects will not likely call you back, it pays to have a prospecting follow-up plan in place. The more follow-up you do, the more likely you’ll convert the prospect into your business.

Here are some methods of follow-up that you ought to consider:

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* Drip Email Campaign. Ideally you have the prospect’s information in your email autoresponder system. So ideally they’re getting an automated email every few days. You can supplement the automated email campaign with broadcast messages every few days.

* Voicemail Messages. If the prospect is not calling you back, then they’re likely not going to answer the phone when you call. Knowing that, be prepared to leave voicemail messages.

* SMS Text Messages. It is in your best interest to get the prospect’s mobile number. That way you can send the prospect text messages.

* Postcards in the Mail. When was the last time you received a prospecting postcard in the mail? There is very little competition for the postal mailbox these days. Most all communication has gone digital. Use that to your advantage by sending a good old fashioned postcard.

All these methods of follow-up allow you to get back in front and into the mind of the prospect. The more times you do that, the more likely you’ll convert the prospect to contact you directly to get their questions answered and to get started.

When you do follow-up, don’t just tell them to call you back. Instead, just tell them a story of what others are doing in your business. That builds 3rd party validation and a sense of urgency and fear of loss.

As they say “facts tell but stories sell.”

Thanks for reading.

To your success,