This describes mlm leads, network marketing leads and mlm lead lists; how to answer the mlm lead prospecting question “Where Did You Get My Name?”

Have you ever called a prospect on the telephone and during the course of your mlm prospecting conversation, your prospect asks you…

“Where did you get my name?”

How did your answer work out for you?  Did it take away your prospecting posture?

Here is a short list of how most distributors that question…

Sometimes a distributor will fumble around and stall while they try to think of an answer.  Unfortunately when they fumble around, they lose their confidence and the prospect picks up on that.

Sometimes a distributor will tell the mlm lead list prospect that they bought their name from  While that’s an answer, it leads into more questions from the prospect of how received the name.  One question leads to another and before you know it, you’re being interviewed.

Sometimes a distributor will get technical.  They’ll quote the exact time and date that the network marketing lead prospects was online and filled out a webform.  The typical answer from the prospect is that they don’t remember being online at that time.  It then becomes a “he said, she said” conversation that goes not where.

The bottom line: Unless you have a good answer for the mlm lead prospecting question, you’ll open the door for your prospect to begin interviewing you instead of you interviewing them.  And when your mlm lead prospect begin to interview you, you have lost control the conversation.

So here’s a tip that was passed onto me years ago by my customer Matt Ward.  When asked “Where did you get my name?”, Matt would reply…

“Well prospect, I’ve actually had your name for some time now.  It looks like you were on one of my websites some time in the past.  I apologize that it’s taken me so long to get back to you but I’ve been very busy.  So help me out in the interest of time prospect.  I don’t want to waste your time and I don’t want to waste mine… were you serious about making money from home?… or not?”

The answer above accomplishes several things for you when you use it.

1) It gives your prospect an answer.

2) It keeps you away from specific times and dates that your prospect may debate.

3) It keeps you in control of the interview.

4) It brings your prospect back to the point of the call.  And the point of the call is to find out whether they’re looking to make money from home or not.

If the prospect is looking to make money, great.  You then continue the interview.  Otherwise, you want to get off the phone and call someone else on your mlm leads lists that is looking to make money from home.

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This article described mlm leads, network marketing leads and mlm lead lists; how to answer the mlm  lead prospecting question “Where Did You Get My Name?”

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